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Top 10 14 Missouri Products


Top 10 14 Missouri Products

More than 20 Missouri products are in the top 10 nationwide.

Chris Chinn, Missouri’s Ag Director, told Brownfield Ag News: Hay production is 6.4 million tons, the second highest. We are the third largest beef cattle in Japan. It is the 4th largest rice farm in Japan. “

Missouri ranks fifth among the goat states, Chin says. “(We) are 6th in turkey, 6th in soy pigs, cows and calves, 9th in broiler production, 9th in corn production and 10th in horses and ponies.”

According to Chin, Missouri farmers and ranchers are making significant contributions to the state’s economy as a whole, reaching $ 90 million in economic benefits in 2021.

Top 10 14 Missouri Products Top 10 14 Missouri Products

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