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I like to look at the Cageside Seats analysis at the end of each year to see which posts are most effective. If it’s interesting to me, hey, maybe it’s interesting to you too. Then why not share it?

This is the most popular content based on page views, not the list of the best content created on cageside sheets in the last year.

The rumor summary has been removed from this list as it is our most popular post every day. Therefore, the top 10 posts are:

  1. Lenny Young’s big and fat announcement is here
  2. Seth Rollins responds to Jm Cornette’s nasty comments about Becky Lynch
  3. Everyone at WWE wants Randy Orton, the leader in the sexy locker room
  4. Mox’s attitude towards WWE seems to be very different from a year ago
  5. In one turn, WWE learned to admit when AEW was right
  6. WWE Releases Multiple Wrestlers
  7. Extreme Rules 2020 doesn’t look like Extreme Rules 2019
  8. The Firefly Fun House match had to be seen to be believed
  9. EC3’s new promotion proves that WWE left money on the table by releasing him
  10. Eric Rowan gives a new name to his post-WWE career

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Top 10 Cage Side Seat Posts for 2020 Top 10 Cage Side Seat Posts for 2020

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