Top 10 Halloween Games for 2020

When the night gets dark and you get better, you have only one thing to do. Of course, playing one of the top 10 Halloween games you can play in 2020. We scrutinized the darkest and most horrifying places in the world and returned almost unscathed, giving you a taste of real horror.

So lower the lights, put on your headphones and come with us to the creepy rides through the scariest Halloween games you can play.

Amnesia: Rebirth

If there is one name that is synonymous with fear, it is amnesia. Well, the sequel has arrived, and it’s filled with more of the absolute gut-cooling tension that made the original Amnesia such a Halloween hit. This time, the action is ported deep into the desert in an attempt to explore the mysteries, uncover hidden truths, and stay sane in the face of horrific, heart-breaking creatures. Amnesia: Rebirth is everything we wanted from the sequel, hiding from the horror-inducing roster of beasts and sure to compete your mind as you sneak up into the closet.

convenience store

It’s time to go to your work night at a convenience store. From its beautiful lo-fi visuals to its incredibly disturbing atmosphere, convenience stores are a tour deforce of how to make something scary. And when things go wrong, and they will, you can’t be prepared for the total horror this game can give you. It’s a short and perfect pace, so it’s definitely recommended for cold Halloween nights.

Outlast is a game that builds on the footage genre of the movies found and makes it a chilling and horrifying game. As you explore asylum through the camera lens, you will be attacked by its inmates in a crazy world. If that’s not enough and you’re usually not afraid of the game, it’s a good idea to check out DLC – Whistleblowers. You will find it very eye-opening.

Re: Turn – One Way Trip is a rare game with both horror and eerie atmosphere, but with a heart-filling story. When your friend went missing on a camping trip, you set out to find them. Re: As you explore Turn’s eerie world, all mysteries, including haunted trains and the past, await you. With stunning pixel art style and horrifying soundscapes, Re: Turn – One Way Trip is a great way to spend Halloween.

Resident Evil II Remake

The Resident Evil series has brought chills and horror to millions of people over the decades, but it wasn’t as good or scary as it was during the Resident Evil II remake. Heading to Raccoon City, you’ll fight the zombie apocalypse and much worse. That’s why it was one of the best-selling and most highly rated games of 2019. This is a scary and tense action-packed game worth including in the top 10 list of Halloween games in 2020.

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation brings fear back into the series. After many movies and games where aliens are nothing more than cannon feed, this horrifying creature passing through Sevastopol Station tells you why the original alien movie caused so many nightmares. Alien: Isolation is an almost perfect horror game with a perfect atmosphere and unrivaled attention to detail. Just be careful, human creations may bring more fear and more danger than any alien. Note the Sevastopol station, you are not really alone.

Haunted PS1 demo disc

If you want a series of creepy games that are bite-sized and have torn aesthetics from the 90’s, the Haunted PS1 demo disc is for Halloween. This free game series is full of shock, horror, and an almost endless roster of imaginative callbacks to the golden age of PlayStation games. From biohazard-style action horror games to experimental first-person shooter-style games, there’s something here that will surely captivate you and give you an eerie Halloween horror. Give them a try, there should be something hidden in this haunted demo disc.

At GTFO (did you know you recently shot a cool mini documentary about this game in Sweden? Check it out!) You are a hunter and a hunter. It is inherited by creatures from your worst nightmare. If you’re looking for a little challenge in fear, GTFO is definitely for you. Because in order for you to survive, you must work together, plan your movements, and carry them out perfectly. Horror loves the company, so bring some friends and take a step towards horror together.

Haunting phobia

In ghost phobia, you and your co-operative friends may be looking for evidence of ghosts, but those ghosts definitely don’t like being found. Watching and exploring the world for signs of ghostly activity makes the world far more hostile and arouses ghostly anger. The spirits are listening and with full voice integration, they can talk to the dead. With just a warning, they can go back.

In space, no one can hear your screams, except for the crew you own, the dysfunctional AI, and the strange series of ghostly memories that haunt every movement of you. System Shock 2 is built on an award-winning original and brings a sci-fi horror experience. This hasn’t been beaten in the last few years. If you explore von Braun and discover exactly what happened after the experiment faster than a light journey, you’ll find a rich, deep, and totally horrifying story.

These are the top 10 Halloween game recommendations for 2020, what do you play? Do you get caught up in a game of comfort or push the boundaries of horror when you plunge into one of the creepy games above? Please visit the community forum and let us know.

Top 10 Halloween games for 2020

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