Top 10 movies named after holidays ranked according to IMDb

There are many Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween movies, but few are actually named after the holidays they are based on. However, many movies named after holidays are not well received. Movies tend to be overly Schmaltz, hearty, and family-based, but weirdly, there are also weird-action blockbusters and alien invasion movies.

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The qualities of these films range from skillful manipulation to large-scale enjoyment with groundbreaking storytelling. There are many movies whose titles include holidays. Nightmare Before ChristmasHowever, the titles of these movies are strictly holiday names and nothing else.

Ten Columbus Day (2009) -5.3

John smokes when talking to Max on Columbus Day

In recent years, there has been a growing opposition to celebrating Christopher Columbus, but it doesn’t really matter when it comes to watching or not. Columbus day.. Named after a holiday, it has little to do with the movie and that day has little effect on the story.

Thrillers are thieves who can pull off a once-in-a-lifetime robbery, but they have limited time to unload their goods and restore their marriage.It’s comparable to that method Die Hard Set during Christmas, but has nothing to do with the plot.

9 Mother’s Day (2016)-5.6

Jennifer Aniston at the door with the kids on Mother's Day

Jennifer Aniston has played some great rolesEspecially when acting with Jason Sudeikis Horrible boss.. But they couldn’t repeat that magic in the 2016 movie. Mother’s Day Critically hurt, even the general audience saw through the manipulation of the story.

This movie is outdated, too Schmaltz, with few jokes.At least it’s easier for sons and daughters to understand what to do for their mother that day, but many regret spending two hours in the theater. Mother’s Day..

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8 Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve (2010 and 2011)-5.7

Valentine's day cast

Mother’s Day This is the third movie of a kind of “trilogy”.The first two are Valentine’s day When New Year’s Eve, Both hold 5.7 in the movie database. They’re only slightly better than the 2016 movies, and most of the time they’re working hard to get the viewer’s attention.

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The two movies Love actually Each movie sports an incredibly impressive ensemble cast and has multiple strands, an overly sentimental story, but not as landing as a Christmas movie.But, but Mother’s Day It was a huge bomb, Valentine’s day When New Year’s Eve Both were huge successes in box office revenue, so there is a fan base.

7 Ash to Hell (2002)-5.9

Francis and Grace walk Hell's Kitchen on Ash Wednesday on Wednesday

In 2002, Elijah Wood was one of the most popular movie stars in the world. this is, Lord of the Ring release. However, the actor always seemed to be attracted to low-budget indie films, despite being the most beloved blockbuster trilogy of all time. The 2002 crime drama follows two Irish-American brothers who were inadvertently involved in the Irish Mafia at Hell’s Kitchen.

Has nothing to do with religious holidays Ash WednesdayHowever, one of the brothers seems to have returned from death that day. The film has been criticized for being too melodramatic, but it still has suspense and unpredictable plots. There is also a 1973 movie Ash WednesdayThis follows the impact of major cosmetic surgery on women, with an IMDb score of 5.2, which is even worse.

6 Christmas Eve (1947)-6.0

Christmas Eve (1944)

Christmas Eve Is one of The oldest Christmas movie in history, But it doesn’t hold exactly the same reputation It’s a wonderful life also The miracle of 34th Avenue.. It’s a more complete comedy and has little of the emotion that other Christmas movies of the time had in Spades, but it’s the charm of the 1947 movie.

actual, Christmas Eve It’s lacking in emotion, but it’s straightforward apathy. This movie is about allowing a nephew, desperately trying to declare his aunt’s old man, to take control of her property.Sounds like one of the schemes where gangsters stand up in episodes Philadelphia is always sunny..

Five Mother’s Day (2010) -6.3

Two women tied up on Mother's Day

2010s Mother’s Day It’s a very different movie from the 2016 movie of the same name. It’s far from Schmaltz, far from emotional manipulation, and even a little romantic. The movie is a horror following three brothers who robbed a bank, and they are asking their mother for help to escape.

But with an interesting twist, the mother left home and a new family moved. After that, the brothers take the family hostage. Then comes a surprisingly suspenseful horror thriller. This movie is much overlooked even by horror fans, and few are so scary when it comes to burglary movies.

Four Labor Day (2013)-6.9

Before the new release Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Director Jason Reitman was a leading independent low-budget film.One of the best directors labor DayA romantic drama after a depressed single mother fell in love with a former scammer. The film revolves around an honorable holiday as the two characters form a bond on Labor Day weekend and the ex-con becomes a great father for a fatherless son.

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The film was criticized by critics as being too pale and melodramatic.But the only thing to separate labor Day The TV soap opera is a powerful performance by Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin that touches the audience and is more elegant and inspirational than most of the others.

3 Independence Day (1996)-6.9

Will Smith on Independence Day

For fans of disaster action movies, Roland Emmerich is the king of this genre, and his filmographic crown is independence Day.. There isn’t much to commemorate the Declaration of Independence in the movie, as July 4th is simply the date the aliens accidentally attacked Earth.

There is a 6.9 in the movie database, which is fine enough, but is treated by many as a classic, has a huge fan base, and is generally considered one. Best alien invasion movie.. And there was a sequel, Independence Day: Resurrection, It couldn’t completely regain the original magic.

2 Halloween (1978)-7.9

Halloween (1978)

When it comes to movies that are titled after the holidays, few stories are so tied to the actual holidays. Holidays generally tend to be the background of an almost irrelevant story. but, Halloween It’s not just the title, it’s essentially a holiday. The movie follows a masked hitman stabbing people in a small town. Coincidentally, everything happens on Halloween night.

The film is classic and one of the greatest jump scares in film history, launching a long-running franchise that has been going on for over 40 years. However, it does not maintain exactly the same quality, and in the latest release, Halloween kill, Labeled as Very bad movies are good..

1 Groundhog Day (1993)-8.1

Rita and Phil eat pizza in bed on Groundhog Day

Where everyone knows when Christmas Eve and Halloween are, Marmot day It’s unprecedented. The movie is actually better known than the holidays, and the only reason it’s so well known today is because of the exposure it got after the movie was released.

The holidays are ridiculous as it takes place on February 2nd. If the badger comes out of the burrow and you can’t see the shadow, spring will arrive early. Thanks to the strange holidays, the audience got a similarly unique SFrom-com. In the movie, seeing a man stuck in a time loop on Groundhog Day, he has to relive the same frustrating event every day. Bill Murray’s best movie and 90’s classic.

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Top 10 movies named after holidays ranked according to IMDb

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