Top 10 PC Games in September 2021

Just as I thought the video games were back properly, there was another wave of lag last month. You can fully understand the unprecedented times.But for our readers, it’s ours Top games in August The post burned down as soon as it was published.

There are a lot of great looking games in September of this year … at the time of writing. So can everyone stay as still as possible? It would be a terrible shame if Kena was pushed again. I really want to play. To be fair, I really want to play a lot of these.

Everything is going according to plan, ruining countless great games in the coming weeks, but we know you’re looking for the best. So here are the top 10 video games coming to the PC in September 2021 … hopefully.

If you like videos that match words and music, please watch the video above. However, if you need the text, read on.

Death loop (September 14th)

Who? Arkane Studios
Where can I get it? vapor
How much is it? £ 50 / € 60 / $ 60

The first loop game on this list-yes, there are two this month-is from the people who brought you Prey When Disgrace, Arkane Studios. In Deathloop, you need to get rid of 8 targets a day. Otherwise, the day will start again. But one of your potential victims is also seeking blood. Whether controlled by the player or the AI, they will try to hunt you down while you perform the mission. You may not be a regular Ian Hitman at the start, but that’s okay because each loop is an opportunity to learn each person’s actions and schedules that need to be turned off. And it gives you the opportunity to understand how you are trying to manipulate their plans. The developers have taken some supernatural elements from previous games. This means killing Mark with the help of familiar abilities like Dishonored’s Blink. But there are many guns here as well. There’s a reason there’s so much talk around Deathloop: it looks great.

Skillful escape (September 9th)

Who? Beethoven and dinosaurs
Where can I get it? vapor
How much is it? Price is not listed at the time of writing

When you say the studio has been working on the game since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, you know that the game has been in development for some time. Anyone who sees a few seconds of gameplay can say that’s enough time. Artful Escape is about a teenage guitarist exploring a psychedelic and cosmic plain to understand what his stage persona should be. This is a mountain of some 2D platformers, adventure game dolls, and rock opera. Oh! And Lena Headey and Carl Weathers are also somewhere here. I’d like to know if all of this will be a must-see in September of this year, but the art style and soundtrack are enough to get involved.

Life Is Strange: True Colors (September 10th)

Who? Deck nine
Where can I get it? vapor | Humility
How much is it? £ 50 / € 60 / $ 60

The latest Life Is Strange game will be released this month, promising the enthusiastic interaction and supernatural powers expected of the series. This time around, I’m playing as a young woman named Alex in the picturesque Colorado town of Heaven Springs.The special ability of this revolves around empathy: Alex can be done simply by being close to others. felt Their emotions. Sure, it’s not exaggerated enough to rewind time, but these connections allow you to reach the bottom of mysterious death. I know there are people who love this series, but for me it’s uneven at best. The crossed fingers mean a more compelling story, as developer Deck Nine says there are more agents for the story in this article.

Remnis Gate (September 28)

Who? Ratloop Games Canada
Where can I get it? vapor | Humility
How much is it? £ 12 / € 13 / $ 16

Like Deathloop, Remnisgate is an FPS with a timeloop. However, it’s a little difficult to summarize briefly. But let’s do it anyway! That is, you will play against other players in a 1v1 or 2v2 match. One tries to destroy the purpose and the other tries to keep it. However, this is not a simple shootout. It is a turn system. Both the attacker and the defender make five moves each to send future soldiers to the field, with each attempt lasting 25 seconds. When everyone completes all turns, in a 25-second loop, 10 operatives perform actions laid out by the player at the same time. For example, if you use the first 25 seconds to destroy a significant large block of metal, you can use the first 25 seconds to kill me before destroying the hanky metal mentioned above. And it goes on like that. Did you take it? What about H? It definitely seems like a more meaningful game after playing one or two games. Of all the multiplayer first-person shooters coming out this fall, Remnisgate is arguably the most intriguing to me.

East facing (September 16th)

Who? Pixpil
Where can I get it? vapor | GOG | Humility
How much is it? £ 20 / € 22 / $ 22

Catherine previously described Eastward as “the legend of Studio Ghibli and The Legend of Zelda meets.” Even if you are not playing, you can check it from the video of about 10 seconds. Play as two different characters in this RPG: Sam (a magical enthusiastic girl) and John (a moody middle-aged man like Vic and Bob who loves to hit people overhead with a frying pan). To do. Use each power to swap the puzzles back and forth to solve the puzzles and defeat the bad guys. If this works as it looks, Eastward could be one of the true winners of the month.

Sable (September 23)

Who? Shed Works
Where can I get it? vapor | Epic games store | GOG | Humility
How much is it? Price is not listed at the time of writing

This beautiful open world exploration game has been on the most anticipated list for years. And finally we all will be able to play it in just a few weeks. The game is, in effect, a story that heralds the arrival of an era in which the eponymous Sable is looking for her role in society, but it’s also about the little stories you encounter. Talking to NPCs and coming across points of interest sounds more rewarding than anything else in the game. Plus, there’s a hoverbike here and it’s always great. Since it was announced in 2018, we hope that the final game will meet the hype surrounding Sable.

Lost in Random (September 10th)

Who? Zoink / Thunderful
Where can I get it? vapor
How much is it? £ 25 / € 30 / $ 30

Yes, it has a name that sounds a bit wrong and the reviews are full of references to Tim Burton. Lost in Random is a dark fairy tale about a girl who embarks on a journey to properly save her sister from the evil queen. The Random World isn’t the most friendly place-you may have already gathered-so this girl has her adorable six-sided dice to help her fight all the nasty things she encounters. I brought it. At first it looks like a simple action game, but there’s a little more to this fight. Therefore, use the slingshot to knock out the energy cube from the enemy. Then feed those cubes to Dicey (I think we all agree that this is a great name). Dicey freezes time when rolled. This allows you to play one of the cards that occurs while playing the game and do the most damage. Bomb cards are my early favorite. Simple but effective. Notice Lost In Random: It could be a real sleeper hit.

Kena: Spirits Bridge (September 21st)

Who? Ember Lab
Where can I get it? Epic games store
How much is it? £ 32 / € 40 / $ 40

It’s no wonder that some of Kena’s trailers felt like their own short films. The developers started their lives as an animation studio. Whatever their background, Ember Lab’s first game looks right above my street: a third-person action-adventure with combat like Horizon Zero Dawn, and maybe a pet dies or something. A story that ends with. Oh no … I realized who would die. A game called The Rot has these small points. I’m worried that they will all be super-killed by the time the credits are rolled back. In that case, at least these cute blobs will help you explore and fight before going to the big fireplace in the sky. Regardless of the potential genocide, I’m really looking forward to this.

Gamedec (September 16th)

Who? Ansha Studio
Where can I get it? vapor | Epic games store | GOG | Humility
How much is it? Price is not listed at the time of writing

Gamedec: That’s almost the perfect name for a video game about being a detective, isn’t it? This cyberpunk-themed isometric RPG, aimed at solving crime in the virtual world, is in the 22nd century. By asking interested people and investigating their surroundings, you can find out who did the wrong thing. In fact, this is a text-heavy non-combat game, so this is the only route to a solution. So many games of this kind emphasize important evidence or really make the choice of “correct” dialogue really clear, but the slogan on Gamedec’s official website is that your choice is just your character. It says that it will affect the world as well. So this seems to allow you to be a proper, complete detective. If so, I can’t wait to jack in.

Webed (September 9th)

Who? Bug game
Where can I get it? vapor | GOG | Humility
How much is it? Price is not listed at the time of writing

Many people are afraid of spiders. When I find one of the cannibals in the shower, I hear my screams for miles. If you’re afraid of an eight-legged murderer, don’t let it discourage you from giving Webd a look. It’s as if the Spider Council has devised a strategy to change public perception through an incredibly cute 2D platformer. Every time the developer posted a gif on Twitter, the reply was full of joy, so that seems to have worked too. As a web sling Spider-Woman, your goal is to track stinging birds looking to have your companion for dinner. You may also encounter some insects along the way and help them in your rescue mission. This is full of happiness and should be on your radar if it hasn’t been.

Packed in the moon. In addition to the 10 I emphasized Tales of Arise, lake, Get in the car, loser, Aragami 2, And even some Outer Wild DLC.. I hope you have a great time with whatever you decide to play in September. But please tell me. What new games are you looking forward to getting this month? Want to see if you can get rid of your target in a timely manner with Deathloop? It’s strange to be eager for an emotional life: True Colors? Or are you planning to check out Sable, Lena Melo’s favorite game ever? Please let us know in the comments.

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