[Top 15] The best indie game with a great story

Last article for quite some time-an indie game with the best story. Again, thank you for reading my article. I hope you enjoy reading it. thank you very much!
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[Top 15] The best indie game with a great story

Updated: September 24, 2021 11:19 pm

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Posted by: Michaela Kalinowski

How are boyz and gurlz doing, today we’re talking about a great story indie game. One thing I’ve noticed about indie games is that producers usually put more effort and effort into the storyline than some AAA developers. * ek khem * Blizzard * ek khem *.
But I’m not here to talk briefly about other companies, but here to discuss a list of the best low-budget indie games with incredible stories-some of them It will get in the way, some will be weird, one game over there may be sad and the other will be the best! Anyway, let’s start our first game:

15. Loophole

You are stuck in jail. But here’s the trick, you’re not alone! This is a cooperative game where you escape from prison with one of your friends. However, it is better to have friends. Otherwise, you will have to play on both monitors when talking to yourself.
The game doesn’t end in jail-you enter a free world and complete tasks there, sometimes cop will want to book you again, and you keep cop free and emotional The ending that embarks on a constant journey of dodging. Sad / Fun / Great is what I give to this game!

14. Kingdom Come: Rescue

This game can take 70-80 hours to complete and seems to be based on a true story. In 1403, Weneclas became the new king of Bohemia, and no one was really interested in the idea. Someone is Sigismund-a greedy bastard, a half-brother of Weneclas who decides to kill and imprison everyone.
But you’re not playing as Sigismund or Weneclass, but as a man called Henry. You couldn’t do it easily, your home was completely destroyed and your family was brutally murdered-everyone you want to be a psychopath or everyone on your way It’s up to you to slaughter or become more moral. Similar to Skyrim, but nothing magical!

13. Disco Elysium-Final Cut

Jesus Christ, this game is tough. It reminds me a lot of Max Payne, but from a top-down perspective and with less action. You play as a detective in a sandy city, cross-examine people and suffer from illnesses that obviously affect your mind. (There is also the possibility of schizophrenia).

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