Top 20 Benedictine Blogs to Follow in 2021

1. Holy Wisdom Monastery

Middleton, Wisconsin, United States About blogs Join Benedictine sisters to experience prayer, hospitality, and an ecumenical Christian community at the Holy Wisdom Monastery in Madison, Wisconsin. At Holy Wisdom Monastery, our mission, vision, and ministry are shaped by values ​​drawn from Benedict’s beauty, balance, simplicity, silence, and respect for all creation. frequency 1 post / week From June 2008 blog Holy with Dom
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2. St. Benedictine Monastery

St. Benedictine Monastery

Minnesota, USA About blogs Welcome to the Saint Benedictine Monastery, home of the sisters of the Saint Benedictine Order in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Our sisters are women’s religious orders that seek God in their daily lives according to the rules of the Gospel and Benedict. Through prayer, work, and communal living ministry, we listen to and respond to the needs of the Church and the world. frequency 3 posts / day From March 2018 blog blog
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3. St. Paul Abbey

St. Paul Abbey

Minnesota, USA About blogs St. Paul’s Monastery is a community of Benedictine sisters and Benedictine associates, as well as hundreds of oblates, volunteers and community friends. We live according to the rules of St. Benedict, which are based on the values ​​of the Gospel. Through liturgical life and wise management, we create a sacred space to meet the needs and challenges of the church and society. frequency 1 post / week From September 2017 blog
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4. St. John’s Monastery

St. John's Monastery

Collegeville, Minnesota, United States About blogs As Benedictine monks, we pray in a unique monastic way. We regularly pray daily for the Psalms, an ancient Iron Age poem given to the church by the Israelites. We are gathering to do this “God’s work” and it is the glue that brings our community life together. frequency 9 posts / day blog
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5. Holy Cross Monastery

Holy Cross Monastery

Chicago, Illinois, United States About blogs In 1990, Joseph Cardinal Bernadin invited the community to Chicago to create an oasis of silence and prayer, a witness to a meditative life. In 2000, the community entered a 1500-year Benedictine monastic tradition as a subordinate of the Questa in the desert of New Mexico. From a modest beginning, the community has grown and now has 10 monks, with an average age of just under 50. frequency 1 post / month blog
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6. Benedictine sisters

Benedictine sisters

Chicago, Illinois, United States About blogs The mission of the Benedict Sisters is respect. Through common prayer, management, hospitality, and mutual respect, we aim to find and respect God in each and every creature. frequency 2 posts / month From April 2015 blog
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7. Benedict Senior Living

Benedictin Senior Living

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA About blogs In addition to being a provider of Catholic elderly care and a network of Catholic retiree communities, we are a non-profit, faith-based organization guided by its deep-rooted heritage and dedication to the rules of St. Benedict. I am. This basic framework is the power behind everything we do and the coveted source of our core values. frequency 10 posts / day From February 2019 blog
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8. Downtown monk

Downtown monk

Newark, New Jersey, United States About blogs Albert Holtz, OSB, is a Benedictine monk at the Newark Abbey in Newark, New Jersey. He teaches the New Testament at a prep school in the heart of the monastery. He has been a novice master, retreat master and current director of Oblate in the Benedict community across the United States. He is the author of Downtown Monks, Street Wisdom, Pilgrim Road, From Holidays to Holy Days & Walk in Valleys of Darkness: A Benedictine Journey through Troubled Times. frequency 1 post / week From February 2009 blog Downtown
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9. Being a Benedictine

Become a Benedictine

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States About blogs Live the rules of St. Benedict in your daily life. frequency 2 posts / month From September 2006 blog
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10. Ibenedictine


Hereford, England, United Kingdom About blogs Blog by Benedictine nuns at Holy Trinity Abbey (formerly East Hendred), now at Howton Grove Abbey in England, we may suggest that the word surrounded is closed. Because of this, we call it confined rather than surrounded. We have a special interest in using modern technology to reach out to those who never visit the monastery. frequency 4 posts / month From December 2010 blog
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11. Benedictine


Tucson, Arizona, USA About blogs Benedictine Monastery is transforming into a brand new apartment community coming soon in Midtown, Tucson, Arizona. Care has been taken to preserve the heritage of more than 80 years in this historic building. Within walking distance you will find a variety of local restaurants, theaters, shopping, parks and entertainment. frequency 9 posts / day blog
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12. Benedictin Center

Benedictin Center

Minnesota, USA About blogs Since its founding in 1983, Benedictine Center has inherited the values ​​envisioned by its founder, S. Veronica Nowotny OSB. Awe of God, awe of creation, hospitality for all, beauty and simplicity, silence and prayer. Read about Benedictine spirituality, art, spiritual guidance and more. frequency 1 post / month From August 2017 blog
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13. EN-Monastery of San Benedetto in Monte

JA-Monastery of San Benedetto in Monte

Norcia, Umbria, Italy About blogs The birthplace of St. Benedict has always attracted people from distant nations to seek God, according to the patterns established by the rules of the great saints. For more than 15 centuries, the monks have fought a spiritual battle for their salvation, immersed in the tranquility and beauty that surrounds the Sibillini Mountains. He has also prayed to God for the happiness of the people of the town. The Benedictine community that now lives there, known to the world simply as “Norcia monks,” adheres to the ancient monastic rituals found in the rules of the St. Benedictine. frequency 1 post / month From July 2018 blog blog
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14. Bl’s Benedict Nun.Sacrament

Bl's Benedict Nun.Sacrament

Warsaw, Masovian, Poland About blogs The Benedictine monks of constant worship of the blessed sacraments were the Patriarchs of Western monks in the 6th century and were founded in the 6th century by St. Benedict of Nursia, now a European patron. Belongs to the great family of. The birthplace of the order was Subiaco, Monte Cassino, Italy, near Rome. The patron saint of the Knights’ Women’s Branch is St. Scholastica, the sister of St. Benedict. frequency 5 posts / day From August 2018 blog ..
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15. Conception Abbey

Conception Abbey

About blogs Conception Abbey is a Benedictine abbey in northwestern Missouri, dedicated to the glory of God in accordance with the governing rules of St. Benedict. We exist to praise God, welcome guests, educate future priests, and share the gospel in our daily prayer and work cycle. frequency 1 post / week blog monastery
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16. Benedictine High School

Benedictine High School

Cleveland, Ohio, United States About blogs Benedictine High School was founded in 1927 by Benedictine monks in Cleveland. Our role as an educational community is to model and educate each student and challenge them to become part of the tradition and spirit of St. Benedict. Benedictine is a community of enthusiastic young people who strive to become Benedictine men academically, mentally and physically. Benedictine High School provides young people in northeastern Ohio with an exciting growth and development experience. frequency 3 posts / quarter From November 2018 blog blog
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17. Yankton Benedictine

Yankton Benedictine

Yankton, South Dakota, USA About blogs We are a community of 81 Benedict women living in Yankton, South Dakota, working, praying, playing and celebrating together. We live in the monastic community according to the rules of St. Benedict, which has a tradition of 1500 years. We are women who profess obedience, stability and conversion of life. We aim for a balanced life of prayer, work and recreational leisure in our lives. frequency 1 post / quarter From July 2015 blog ..
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18. Christ the King Priority

Christ the King Priority

Nebraska, USA About blogs Christ the King Priory is a Benedictine monk monastery located north of Schuyler, Nebraska, United States. This is a simple monastery of the congregation of St. Ottilian Mission Benedictinus, which is part of the Benedictine Union. frequency 2 posts / quarter From July 2016 blog ..
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