Top 25 Most Followed Children’s Books Instagram Influencers in 2020

1. Charney

Bio Diversity & Inclusion Expert I help you find a wide variety of quality books and educational products. Host: @hereweereadpodcast 🎙 Mom: @ 50states50books 👧🏾👦🏾📍 CT Instagram handle @hereweeread Instagram followers 295000 website Location Connecticut, United States

2. Clarissa

Bio Kids Books | Book Nerd Mommy ™ ️ Former Teacher + Mom 📖 Latest and Best Kids 📖 “Beyond Books” Crafts, Recipes, + Instagram handle @ book.nerd.mommy Instagram followers 53800 website Location America

3. Lauren Bergson

Bio Kids book review by Lauren! Let’s take the story time in the next chapter. Bring magic to your home and make sense in your life! 🐘❤️📚 Mom, school librarian, reader, blogger, lawyer! Instagram handle @ happily.ever.elephants Instagram followers 53600 website Location Miami, Florida, United States

4. Mike

Bio K-5 School Librarian. Former teacher in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade. 21st year. Husband 👬🏻, brownie lover, cat dad. Instagram handle @thebookwrangler Instagram followers 51700 website Location Atlanta, Georgia, United States

5. Corrie Locke-Hardy

Bio 📚 Little activist 🏳️‍🌈 Educate Collie to empower (s / t) Lee (t / t) (married) 📍 Massachusetts / Nipmacland @littlefeministbookclub Code: THETINYACTIVIST Instagram handle @thetinyactivists Instagram followers 26100 website Location Massachusetts, United States

6. Rosemary Durso

Bio The school librarian turned to SAHM, who wants to connect parents and teachers with the best books for children. Follow the book suggestions and list of books. Instagram handle @librarymombooks Instagram followers 18800 website Location America

7. Maya Espiritu

Bio MaiStoryBook * Creating interactive reading videos and reading resources for kids ~ * Blog: YouTube: MaiStoryBook Instagram handle @maistorybooklibrary Instagram followers 18100 website Location America

8. Miranda

Bio Book Reviewer Children’s Book Reviewer | Leader | Writer ✍🏼 @ readbrightly @juneandjanuary @pbssocal @ nuggetcomfort & @ thriftylittles. Instagram handle @bookbloom Instagram followers 16800 website Location St. Louis, Missouri, United States

9. Jody

Bio Growing with each book 📗 Bringing joy and play to children’s lives through books. ⬇️ Click to see details Instagram handle @growingbookbybook Instagram followers 16300 website Location Belleville, Illinois, United States

10. Christie Landis

Bio EarlyChildhoodEd • KidLit • LiteracyAdvocate • Writer What you are currently reading: SOMETHING IN THE WATER Instagram handle @littlebooksbigworld Instagram followers 15100 website Location America

11. Lauren

Bio The magical daily amount of picture books. Occasionally MG and YA are measured properly. #kidlit #atx Instagram handle @picturebookplaydate Instagram followers 14600 Location Austin, Texas, USA

12. Kelly

Bio Literary-based Ed co-owner of @ the.booknerdcafe 👩‍🎓 M.Ed 📚 Literaure-based secular home school 📖 KidLitBookReviewer 🌊 BeachLife 🏝 Florida TravelDm for Collabs Instagram handle @homeschoolbythebeach Instagram followers 14000 website Location Florida, United States

13. Megan

Bio Reading Teacher 📚 Literature Fanatics 📚 Book Moms 📚 School Diverse Book Defenders ✏️ Ambitious Writer Instagram handle @ ihaveabook4that Instagram followers 11900 website Location South Carolina, United States

14. Bianca Schulze.

Bio “Growing Readers”, a book review for children with inspirational books and tips! Founded by best-selling author Bianca Schulze. Instagram handle @thechildrensbookreview Instagram followers 10300 website Location Boulder, Colorado, United States

15. Megrabie

Bio A small corner of Instagram where only the best children’s books are recommended! ✍️ PBS Kids @pbssocal ▪️SLP ▪️ Autism Accomplice ▪️ Creator Instagram handle @ bedtime.stories.forevermore Instagram followers 10200 Location Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

16. Megan and Julia

Bio Write about reading for kids 💕 Veteran teacher, bedtime warrior, KidArtLit co-founder ⚡️ Join a picture book and process an art club 👇🏽 Instagram handle @ chickadee.lit Instagram followers 9735 website Location America

17. Salagna & Ishan

Bio # Southasians for blacklives 💛 Momto Ishaan 👦🏽 (3yo) 👩🏽‍💻 Patent Attorney (BigLaw) ⚙️ Former Engineer 📚 Kid Light Mania ▶ ️ # screenfreekids Instagram handle @ Instagram followers 9142 Location Chicago, Illinois, United States

18. Karin

Bio Kids Light & Mom’s Life Favorite Book 📚 Boy’s Mom’s Life 👦🏼👶🏼 Literacy Tips 📖 Creative Play 🧸🌞 Family Moments ♥ ️ Instagram handle @thechildrenslibrary Instagram followers 9066 Location Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

19. Jen

Bio Hi, I’m Jen. I am a teacher and a bookworm.I’m 💗 Coffee ☕️ Frugal Bookstore Instagram handle @jensbooktalk Instagram followers 9019 Location America

20. Sara

Bio She / She 📚 Beautiful Pacific Northwest Picture Book Lovers 📚 Children’s Book Recommendations 📚 Wordless Books and Coriander Lovers Instagram handle @bookoholicmom Instagram followers 6432 Location America

21. Tilly & Marian

Bio #Childrensbooks are ready to discuss with other #babylibrarians and their parents. Run by @ areaderlymom & @ shittyhousewife Instagram handle @babylibrarians Instagram followers 6254 website Location America

22. Ali Taylor

Bio * Children’s book reviews. * Promote literacy through books 📚 * SHOP ➡️ @littlereadersstore 🛍 Instagram handle @ children.bookreviews Instagram followers 5779 website Location New Jersey, United States

23. Daniel Davis

Bio Read and write in LA. Zinnia and bee, MG novel. To make PB (from 2022). The life of this writer. Instagram handle @writesinla Instagram followers 3011 website Location Los Angeles, California, United States

24. Catherine Debreeze

Bio Motherhood, books, lifestyle. 🌴 So Cal Daily looks, books and other things I love buy below 👇 Instagram handle @thepaperdart Instagram followers 2841 website Location California, United States

25. Jamie Bills

Bio Mom. Writer. Picture book addiction. SCBWI member. 📚 I love reading, writing, writing, and spending time with my family. 📖 We are not currently accepting review requests. Instagram handle @jmebills Instagram followers 2789 website Location Michigan, United States

26. Wendy

Bio Kids Book Review Pediatrician 👩🏻‍⚕️ Mom👦🏼👧🏻 BookAddict 📚 Buy these books 👇, support your local bookstore! Instagram handle @_mybookaddiction_ Instagram followers 2144 Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

27. Mrs. James

Bio I am an elementary school librarian in the Bay Area and recommend books to my parents in the hope that they will read them daily with their children. Instagram handle @thetigerlibrarian Instagram followers 1815 Location San Francisco, California, United States

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