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November 24, 2021; Houston, Texas, USA; Stephen Silas, head coach of Houston Rockets, responded after playing against the Chicago Bulls at the Toyota Center in the fourth quarter. NBA coach. Required Credits: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Becoming an NBA head coach is not easy. Unless you take your team to the championship, you always seem to be in a hot seat. You are hired to win. Anything else is considered disappointment.

The competition is so fierce that this season is especially tough for NBA coaches. Many NBA teams play to their full potential.

This means that there are some head coaches who should be under pressure as they may be packing up their luggage and looking for a new job if they are not very successful.

The NBA season is in full swing and some major firings are likely to take place soon.In fact, just a few days ago, Sacramento Kings Let go of their head coach, Luke Walton. He will not be the only one released from the mission before the All-Star Break.

Perhaps there are only a few NBA coaches who are sweating right now.

The top three NBA coaches most likely to be fired this season: 1.Stephen Silas, Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets have a record of 2-16 and are currently the worst team in the NBA as a whole. So it makes sense to wonder if Stephen Silas will get an ax before the end of the season.

Perhaps the only salvation benefit for Cyrus is that no one really expects much from this year’s rocket. It is very clear that they are in the midst of a major reconstruction that does not happen overnight. Therefore, the Rockets front office may allow you to work on this experiment for a season or more before Cyrus is cut.

At the same time, Rockets may not feel that Cyrus is working fast enough to nurture some of the team’s great young talent. You’ll find it hard to find someone who is willing to coach a group with such a horrifying record, but you’re wrong.

There are many coaches ready to dive in and replace Silas. For now, it’s about 50-50 chances that he will remain for the rest of the season or be replaced by someone else who is willing to sort out this mess.

Of all the NBA coaches, Stephen Silas is currently the hottest coach.

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Top 3 NBA coaches most likely to be fired this season Top 3 NBA coaches most likely to be fired this season

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