Top 4 first date mistakes to avoid to establish a truly meaningful connection

So you went through the friendly referral phase and begged her with a witty joke enough to secure your first date. well done! So what? How do you prepare? And are there any rules you should follow? You bet

But don’t worry. These dating tips aren’t drawn from mind games, power struggles, or other dauntingly basic psychological hacks. Throw away all the old ones, boost your first date, relieve stress, and try these proven methods that have proven to provide both parties with a truly enjoyable time.

After all, this could be your first date with your next long-term girlfriend (or your wife if the card is correct), so you’ll want to make a good impression. Here’s how to get the interaction in your favor by avoiding these four common first date mistakes.

Mistake # 1: Meet set expectations

How to avoid making mistakes on your first date

Have you ever been disappointed because you had the ideal results in your head before the event and didn’t go according to plan? Who isn’t?By developing preconceptions about events and ways of interacting “should” Go, not only do you set yourself up for disappointment, but you also often miss other current opportunities you did not anticipate.

When it comes to dating, in the movie and television scene, we believe it was a failure if the first date didn’t end with a hot, casual seat roll-around action. But what do you know? That is not the reality. People are people, and each person is different. I want you to throw away any kind of expectation you have about what your first date should be-especially what it should be at the end of the night.

Instead, focus on being yourself, being friendly, and presenting your date perfectly. Try to release the pressure to impress your nerves. You’re just hanging out with others, not talking to the country live! Who cares if you play an idiot or turn her off? This is my first date. It should be fun, it shouldn’t feel like a job interview or audition. Join us on a date, have fun and get to know her better.

What if she doesn’t like you or it doesn’t last long? It’s not a big deal. The point of dating is to get rid of false connections so that you can take the time to polish you to the woman you like (and the one you like back). I’m laughing at a YouTube video of a man who is psychologically trying to trick a woman into liking and lusting a woman, and all that dishonest bs. It’s not that complicated.

Be like you. You don’t want to do anything that could lead to a long-term relationship by pretending to be false or becoming someone other than yourself. Dating should be fun. You don’t need another chore, right? Don’t feel stressed. Just have fun.

Mistake # 2: Looks like a clap

Looking at the guy, you need to look good. Do you know how much time, energy and money a woman spends on a nice date? It is thanks to her that you show that you care enough to try. I’m not saying that Neiman Marcus should run out of credit cards.

Simply put, wear clean clothes that are wrinkle-free and don’t smell like a gym bag. Brush your hair so that it doesn’t smell like a trash can in the back alleys of an Italian restaurant. If you’re shaving a jerky chin that looks like a teenager trying to look cool (but failing), shave it.

Women want men to look clean, crisp and smell good. I argue that women usually prefer sophisticated, organized, and well-looking men to super-fitting or super-rich men. So express yourself as if you respect yourself. Otherwise she won’t respect you.

Women are generally much more accustomed to aesthetics and scents than men, so make sure they look (and smell) offensive unless you want to turn her off just outside the gate. give me. You don’t need a big wallet to achieve this. Due diligence just a little while ago.

Mistake # 3: Exposing bad shapes and bad manners

Avoid making mistakes on your first date

Somewhere along the way “It’s cool” Because in a dating scenario, a man looks like aloof, good, or bad manners in sports. I don’t know where this poor shape came from, but manners, tenderness and dignity are of great help to women. There are some simple things you can do with a date to show respect for others (including your date and yourself).

  • Say “Please” And “Thank you very much” To her, to the waiter, and to the others you meet
  • Listen to her — don’t disturb her for God’s love!
  • Show true interest in her conversation
  • Ask deeper questions to find out more about her
  • Show me something that looks beautiful (re: mistake # 2)
  • Be kind to her — otherwise cancel the date now
  • Ignore your phone (ideally keep it in your pocket in the meantime)
  • Did I say I wouldn’t check your phone?
  • Do not check your cell phone.

How this interaction evolves, or what role this person ultimately plays in your life, while approaching the date without the expected results (re: Mistake # 1) I don’t know if I can. Even if chemistry isn’t there, she can easily become a best friend, creative partner, or meaningful business contact. Nicely.

Mistake # 4: Immediately jump into bed (believe me)

listen. If you go on a date just because you want to have sex, I don’t know why you read this article so far. There’s an app for that, but frankly, I’m not about that life. My goal is to help good men find great girlfriends who can be partners and add value to each other’s lives and goals.

If that’s the kind of connection you’re looking for, you need to get to know this girl as a person before you act. Sleeping with someone before you reach that point of the relationship organically only introduces more complexity than you can quantify.

In addition, there is a risk of ruining what might have been a very fruitful friendship by rushing physical intimacy before really knowing or understanding a partner. Yeah, I said that-your girlfriend will be your best friend. And you don’t foster friendship by hitting the skin. You build friendships over time by knowing someone about who they really are.

I don’t know how many of the men I coached ended up in a horrifying farewell to the girl they swore “It’s amazing at first.These relationships began so strongly, but ended in catastrophe because they were devoted to all desires rather than laying the foundation for common interests, intellect, energy, and beliefs.

Rough relationships may seem great at first, but let’s do the truth. I would like to spend the day with someone who can entertain, surprise, support and challenge you in your daily life outside the bedroom. I know this may be the least popular advice for men, but I’ve lived it for myself and found it to be true. The best relationship I have personally ever had (my current and eternal relationship) has evolved from sexless friendships over the months.

But you don’t have to accept my words about it. Test these tips for yourself on your next first date and see how they can alleviate some of the stress, pressure, and pitfalls of dating. Focus on being kind and authentic, having fun, and trying to truly connect with your date. And see how the rest develops organically.

Every good man deserves to connect with his perfect match. It may take some time to find the right one. So be strategic, paying attention to who you invite into your life (and who you are as a human being in the process)!

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