Top 5 Armed Conflict Podcasts Must Follow 2021

1. Humanitarian law and policy blog

Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland About podcasts ICRC blog for discussions on international humanitarian law and humanitarian behavior. frequency 2 episodes / week Since then February 2021 Podcast
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2. JIB / JAB | Law of War Podcast

JIB / JAB | Law of War Podcast

Lawrence, Kansas, United States About podcasts This is a podcast about the various legal systems that govern the use of force and armed conflict. Primarily, the legal regime for war that governs the time when the state legally resorts to armed forces, and the judiciary of the Bello administration (also known as international humanitarian law, or the law of armed conflict), which is within armed conflict. Govern the actions of the army and fighter-hence the name of the podcast, JIB / JAB. frequency 1 episode / month, average episode length 64 minutes Since then July 2020 Podcast
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3. Peace Studies-Podcast from Uppsala University

Peace Study-Podcast from Uppsala University

Sweden About podcasts What is Peace Studies? How can armed conflict research help us understand how and why conflicts occur, escalate, and end? The Peace Conflict Research Division at Uppsala University has been working since 1971 to lay the foundation for understanding these important issues. ResearchingPeace is a podcast celebrating 50 years of peace studies at Uppsala University. frequency 2 episodes / week, average episode length 31 minutes Since then February 2021 Podcast
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4. @ WAR


Pakistan, Islamabad About podcasts @WAR investigates everything related to armed conflict in certain situations in Pakistan. @WAR is an initiative of the Conflict of Laws Center (CLC) of the Pakistan Institute for International Law Studies (RSIL), an independent, nonpartisan think tank based in Pakistan. CLC is RSIL’s unique portal dedicated to the laws of armed conflict, conducting research on all aspects of armed conflict, including the use of force (jus ad Bellum) and the conduct of war (jus in Bello). I will. ), And post-conflict transition and reconstruction (law for war). frequency 4 episodes / quarter, average episode length 46 minutes Since then January 2021 Podcast
Twitter followers 4.5K ⋅ Domain Authority 23 ⋅ Alexa Rank 3.5M Watch the latest episode Get email contacts

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