Top 5 Experiential Learning Podcasts to Follow in 2021

1. Experienced

West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States About podcasts The ExperiencED podcast explores the process of learning from all forms of direct experience. We believe that experiential education is a powerful complement to learning from traditional academic curriculum. Experiential learning is especially effective in informing students about potential career paths and bridging the common gap between classroom-based skills and the most practical skills in the workplace. Perhaps more importantly, this approach is effective in broadening the student worldview and empowering humanity. frequency 2 episodes / quarter, average episode length 28 minutes From October 2019 Podcast Experienced
Twitter followers 3.9K ⋅ Social engagement 6<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> ⋅ Domain Authority 68<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> <0xE2><0x8B><0x85><0x85><0x85> Alexa Rank 16.2K<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> Watch the latest episode set<0x8B><0x85> Get email contacts

2. Learning experience

Learning experience

About podcasts The Trainers Forum, a global community of trainers and facilitators, offers a great podcast, The Learning Experience. Host Oskar Woehr talks to experts on experiential learning, how to improve training techniques, and how to dig deeper in workshops and sessions. frequency 1 episode / week, average episode length 36 minutes From November 2019 Podcast
Domain Authority 11<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> ⋅ Alexa Rank 7.9M<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> Watch the latest episode set<0x8B><0x85> Get email contacts

3. Experience with Steve Shapiro

Experience with Steve Shapiro

Ohio, United States About podcasts Almost everything identifies the experience. That’s because experiential learning is the most profound and lasting form of learning. So if experience is important, how do you provide it to your school students? This podcast encourages people to share the learning experiences that have had the most impact on their lives. Each episode contains a provocation about how these types of experiences can be brought into the mainstream of American schools. Experience Matters is about transforming public education with the power of experiential learning. frequency 2 episodes / month, average episode length 26 minutes From October 2020 Podcast
Twitter followers 298 ⋅ Domain Authority 1<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> set<0x8B><0x85> Watch the latest episode set<0x8B><0x85> Get email contacts

4. Vertical playpen

Vertical playpen

Brattleboro, Vermont, United States About podcasts Explore many elements of adventure and experiential education with High 5 staff. The High 5 Adventure Learning Center is a non-profit educational organization that aims to help individuals, teams, schools, communities, and businesses improve the way they live, learn, and collaborate. frequency 1 episode / week, average episode length 39 minutes From March 2019 Podcast
Twitter followers 426 ⋅ Domain Authority 28<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> ⋅ Alexa Rank 76 2.8K<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> Watch the latest episode set<0x8B><0x85> Get email contacts

5. DwA: DLSU-M SHS training at AIESEC

DwA: DLSU-M SHS training at AIESEC

About podcasts Podcasts transition to a virtual new normal through hands-on experience to help young people pivot and develop the skills and abilities needed to thrive despite time uncertainty during this period. We provide a wide range of experiential learning environments that address the challenge of doing things. frequency 1 episode / day, average episode length 32 minutes From May 2021 Podcast Anchor .fm / developwithaiesec
Domain Authority 81<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> ⋅ Alexa rank 1.9K<0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0xE2><0x98> Watch the latest episode set<0x8B><0x85> Get email contacts

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