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Top 7 Video Marketing Trends to Guide Your Online Strategy in 2021

The video marketing landscape is continuously changing. If you are not up to date with the video marketing trends, you limit your brand in both reach and replay. You may not be aware of new marketing trends, but your target customers and your competitors are not. That is why we selected the list of video marketing trends below for you. In order to help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve outlined the top 7 digital marketing trends 2021 below. Knowing them is critical to use them in your next digital strategies to complement your content. This format is far from out of date, so you have to keep up to date.

Advantages of video marketing

Before delving deeper into the 2021 video marketing trends present next year, it is important to know the advantages that this great format offers.Why you need to make a marketing video? The below information will encourage you to continue applying this format to your strategy or incorporate it if you have not already done so. Among its great benefits are the following.

  • It provides a greater and better experience than any other communication format. You can explain your products or services, which humanizes the online sales process.
  • It is ideal to involve the consumer, since it is a communication channel in which a dialogue can be established between the viewer and the company.
  • It provides greater transparency because you can make it known what is behind the product or service.
  • It gives more credibility because people can see what you offer and not just read it or see an image without reference. Therefore, it generates greater proximity and increasing the confidence of the consumer.
  • Not only is it more eye-catching content, but it’s also entertaining and comfortable. This is because people today prefer to watch a video without having to read the content.
  • Greater effectiveness in the message to be transmitted. It is proven that people remember 70% of what they can see and hear.
  • The content goes viral more quickly because people share it, post it on their social networks or send it through mobile devices.
  • It sends traffic to your other online channels because it has the advantage of being able to place the video link on your website to redirect users.
  • Improve the positioning of your brand since the main search engines start their pages with video results.

Learn about 2021 video marketing trends

It is time for you to find out the 2021 video marketing trends that will revolutionize digital marketing. You may see some that you have already used, but this does not mean that they are obsolete, but that they will remain current due to their effectiveness.

1. Animated explanatory videos.

This is not something new, but without a doubt, it is a format that made an impact in 2020 and will continue to do so in 2021. Brands commonly use them to describe a product or service quickly and very creatively. These videos usually last less than 1 minute, enough time to show your brand’s personality through illustration and animation.They will be of great help to describe complex business ideas in a more entertaining and fun way. But don’t think that animated explainer videos take your business seriously. In fact, they are widely used in financial, health and real estate.


2.  Videos in which you can buy.

The trends are just trying to innovate, to advance according to technological evolution. For this reason, you cannot be left behind with your 2021 video marketing strategy. Next year you have to experiment with videos in which you allow the audience to buy.How is this? Simple, these audiovisuals allow users of social networks to buy on the spot. It gives consumers an experience similar to what they can have in a physical store. As you view the product and how they use it, they can click to purchase and be redirected to a website.In some cases, they give the possibility that they can add it to the cart and go directly to the checkout. This is a way to shorten the customer journey to speed up conversions. You can also use this function in other audiovisual content such as tutorials and other informative videos. You just have to insert a link.


3.  360ºaudiovisuals.

Videos are the best way to present customers a visual representation of what your brand can do for them. But if you really want to attract consumers, you must give it a unique experience, and you can achieve it with 360 audiovisuals.This trend has redefined and will continue to redefine the viewing experience for many consumers. This is because they feel they have control over how they can view the product or service also, that the experience is more exciting than with other types of audiovisual formats.According to figures collected by Omnivirt, these videos generate a video completion rate of + 46% compared to normal ones. And a click-through rate of + 300% relative to other display ads. The percentages speak for themselves. They are a clear example of how effective they are.And the tourism company has been able to take advantage of this format because, without a doubt, it provides a broader vision of the destinations. A good example is the Hamilton Island virtual reality experience of Qantas Airlines, with which they promoted their trips, showing what they offer in 360º.


4.  The“live” videos will continue.

Another trend that will continue to shine in 2021 is live videos, which have a wide receptivity on users. In fact, social media algorithms often prioritize events of this type because they take place in real-time.Why are they so in demand? Brands have managed to interact more closely and effectively with their followers. This makes people feel more involved, and they become part of the event. So much so that lives can catch three times as long as prerecorded videos and can produce six times more interactions.


5.  Vlogs.

Among this list of trends, you will find vlogging that will continue to grow and increase in popularity in the coming year. This type of format put a drastic twist on blogging and helps vloggers diversify content categories.As online viewing habits advance, vlogs adapt and become one of the most popular forms of video content among Internet users. While it is true that most use them to show their daily lives, this does not mean that brands cannot use them.You can take advantage of this format to post about your company’s news and show how to use your products. Depending on the sector, you can adapt the strategy. For example, in the health area, you can offer care tips. This is a way to humanize the brand and make it more accessible.


6.  Longer ads.

Indeed you have seen and even worked with short ads in video format, which did not exceed 6 seconds. It seemed fine because the important thing was to get the message across. However, in 2021 this will change because these micro-ads can be even annoying for consumers.A study by Digital Content Next indicated that 40% of all online ads launched from 2018 to 2019 averaged 15 seconds. While 0-5 second ads only accounted for 3% of total online ads during the investigation period.Current customers indeed have a fast pace of life, but they also like to be well informed before purchasing. For this reason, your video marketing strategy must have ads of at least 15 seconds, enough time to capture the customer.

7.  Silent videos.

They say that all fashions return and in the world of marketing, it is no exception. One of the trends that have already been seen but that will strengthen next year is silent videos. The idea is that brands can show more and explain less, make the images speak for themselves.Facebook had already anticipated this and a few years ago launched a feature that allows autoplay in which users stream without sound. In fact, a Verizon Media study revealed that 92% of people watch videos with the sound turned off from their mobile devices. This same report shows that consumers want to find subtitles on videos about tips (55%), food (53%) and news (52%). So less talking and more demonstration in your audiovisuals… Ah! And don’t forget about the subtitles that, as you can see, are in demand.


Now you are ready to structure your strategy with the 2021 video marketing trends. And to help you throughout this process, we have offered you our video Marketing tips. It will help you identify your audience and convert them into loyal customers.

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