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Top dividend stocks to buy and forget in 2022

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If you are a dividend fan, then find out The right combination of stocks to generate income Is important. Now that the end of the year is only two weeks, there is no time like now to find these investments. Fortunately, the market has a lot of options to consider, and there are some top dividend stocks to buy and forget about in 2022.

Would you like to buy these top dividend stocks?

When it comes to earning dividends, certain areas of the market are natural candidates. Telecom and utilities are perfect examples.

That’s why investors need to look carefully at both Telus (TSX: T)(NYSE: TU) When Canadian utilities (TSX: CU)..

Telus is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country. Telecommunications has always been considered a defensive stock. That view has changed since the pandemic began. If anything, communications such as Telus are only becoming more attractive.

There is an increasing need for stable internet and wireless connections. This is because the number of office workers and students who are working or studying at home is increasing. If anything, you need both. It’s not just for work and study — the entertainment industry also relies on telecommunications. Streaming services that provide audio and video content to homebound subscribers have significantly boosted data usage (and thus Telus revenue).

In terms of dividends, Telus offers an appetizing 4.46% yield.

Canadian Utilities currently holds the longest consecutive annual dividend increase title. The company has been standing for 49 consecutive years. When Canada’s utilities reach that half-century mark (if not), it will be Canada’s first dividend king.

The company boasts an impressive portfolio of regulated assets, which continue to generate stunning and ongoing revenue streams. Future investors need to keep in mind that regulated contracts usually last for decades or more.

Canadian Utilities is also keen on acquisitions that provide a path to growth. Both efforts help to achieve impressive and stable dividends, resulting in a juicy 4.91% yield.

How about clean energy?

Renewable energy is becoming more important year by year. Science is widely accepted. More importantly, the need for that change is now pervading utilities and consumers. This has created a whole new market opportunity for renewable energy investors.

One such option to consider is TransAlta Renewables (TSX: RNW).. TransAlta is expanding its portfolio of facilities in Canada, the United States and Australia. These assets are distributed across a variety of technologies, including solar, wind, hydro, and gas.

There are still many things to consider, as it is impressive. TransAlta and other renewable energy companies have a competitive advantage over their traditional fossil fuel peers. In short, traditional utilities straddle the enormous migration costs of getting off fossil fuels. These efforts can take years and cost billions.

By comparison, TransAlta’s facilities are already renewable.This means that the company can invest in and continue to grow. Providing juicy dividends..

The dividend, paid on a monthly rhythm, yields an impressive 5.16% yield. This makes TransAlta one of the top dividend stocks in the 2022 portfolio.

Top dividend stocks to buy and forget in 2022 Top dividend stocks to buy and forget in 2022

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