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Top Google Ads Statistics [2021]

The importance of 2021 Google Ads statistics cannot be ignored. You’ve probably heard about the importance of Google Adwords, but do you really know how effective it is to market your brand with the help of Google Ads? Well, you already had enough subjective or qualitative opinion about the effectiveness of Google Ads with the help of over 50 statistics.

Here are some of the top Google Ads statistics to improve your ad ROI:

Google is arguably the largest search engine in history, and marketing your brand on Google will definitely help you get good conversion rates and increase your brand awareness. Here are some Google Ads statistics to establish the importance and need for Google AdWords to market your products and services.

  • Visitors who click on an ad are 50% more likely to buy the product or use the advertised service. (WebFx)
  • Google Ads boosts overall brand awareness by 80%. (WebFx)
  • Over 63,000 search queries are processed by Google every second. (WebFx)
  • Of all desktop searches on Google, over 90% are on your desktop. (WebFx)
  • Google is a search engine pioneer and holds a 76% search engine market. (WebFx)
  • 73% of the total paid search market belongs to Google. (Media post)
  • 65% of SMEs have PPC campaigns. (WebFx)
  • 46% of all searches go to the first three paid ads in SERP. (WebFx)
  • 35% of users buy a particular product within 5 days of the first search. (EMarketer)

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Why are Google Ads so effective?

There are some statistics that can help you understand how Google Ads makes people click on your ads and take the desired behavior.

  • 90% of consumers acknowledge that Google Ads influences their purchasing decisions. (clutch)
  • Seventy-five percent of Google users say that paid advertising makes information gathering faster and easier. (clutch)
  • 66% of buyers admit that they prefer to buy online rather than go to the actual market or store. (Think on Google)
  • At least 63% of people have clicked on Google Ads at least once in their lives. (HubSpot)
  • 59% of buyers prefer to check their recommendations online before making a purchase. (Think on Google)
  • Fifty-eight percent of millennial buyers buy those that are influenced by Google or social media ads. (clutch)
  • More than half (50%) of visitors can’t tell the difference between ad results and organic lists. (WebFx)
  • 49% of visitors admit that they clicked on a text ad. (HubSpot)
  • Forty-seven percent of people in Generation X bought something after seeing Google Ads. (clutch)
  • Forty-three percent of visitors bought something for the first time after seeing Google Ads. (clutch)
  • 41% of users claim to trust online advertising. (clutch)
  • 33% of users click on paid ads simply because they think the ad is related to the search query. (clutch)
  • Twenty-two percent of the baby boomers brought their products after seeing the right ads on Google. (clutch)

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Are Google Ads Pocket Friendly?

Google Ads will definitely give you great results, but it’s highly recommended that you consider the associated costs in order to track and measure your overall return on investment. Here are some stats to help you understand how Google ads are pocket-friendly.

  • For every $ 1 you spend on Google Ads, you’ll earn $ 8.00. (Economic impact)
  • Small businesses spend an average of $ 9000 to $ 10,000 on Google Ads. (WebFx)
  • It is highly recommended to maintain a budget of $ 10 to $ 50 daily. (Google)
  • $ 1 to $ 2 is the average cost-per-click (cost-per-click) for Google Ads. (WebFx)
  • $ 1 to $ 2 is the average cost-per-click for the Google Search Network. (WebFx)
  • For the Google Display Network, the cost per click is $ 1 or less. (WebFx)
  • See the table below for average cost-per-click for search and display networks in some industries, according to a (WebFx) report.
industry Average cost-per-click for display networks Search Network Average CPC
Advocacy $ 0.62 $ 1.43
B2B $ 0.79 $ 2.46
Automatic $ 0.58 $ 3.33
Consumer service $ 0.81 $ 6.40
Dating and personal $ 1.49 $ 2.78
E-commerce $ 0.45 $ 1.16
education $ 0.47 $ 2.40
Employment services $ 0.78 $ 2.04
Fintech $ 0.86 $ 3.44
Health & Medical $ 0.63 $ 2.62
Household goods $ 0.60 $ 2.94
Industrial services $ 0.54 $ 2.56
legal $ 0.72 $ 6.75
real estate $ 0.75 $ 2.37
Technology $ 0.51 $ 3.80
Travel & hospitality $ 0.44 $ 1.53

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After all, it’s all about conversion rates. Everyone makes marketing efforts for the ultimate conversion. There are some stats to establish how much conversion you can expect with the help of Google Adwords.

  • Google Ads drives an average of 75% conversions. (WebFx)
  • The Google search network drives an average conversion rate of 17%. (Search engine watch)
  • The Google Display Network promotes an average conversion rate of 46%. (Search engine watch)
  • Review the table below to understand the average conversion rate driven by Google Ads in various industries for search and display network advertising.
industry Average display network conversion rate Search network average conversion rate
Advocacy 1% 1.96%
B2B 1.19% 3.04%
Automatic 0.80% 6.03%
Consumer service 0.98% 6.64%
Dating and personal 3.34% 9.64%
E-commerce 0.59% 2.81%
education 0.50% 3.39%
Employment services 1.57% 5.13%
Fintech 1.19% 5.10%
Health & Medical 0.82% 3.36%
Household goods 0.43% 2.70%
Industrial services 0.94% 3.37%
legal 1.84% 6.98%
real estate 0.80% 3.47%
Technology 0.86% 2.92%
Travel & hospitality 0.51% 3.55%

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Why do you need to advertise on the Google Search Network?

If you decide to market your brand using the Google Search Network, you’ll cover Google Maps, images, and shopping all in one headline. Here’s Google Ads stats to prove the benefits of marketing your product through the Google Search Network:

  • The Google Search Network offers six ad formats. (Google)
  • 63% of users admit that they clicked on Google Search Ads on the results page. (clutch)
  • Fifty-five percent of users who allow them to click on paid search ads prefer that their ads are in text format. (clutch)
  • 49% of all visitors click on Google search ads. (clutch)
  • For the Google search network, the average click rate (click rate) is 96%. (WebFx)

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Why do I need to place ads on the Google Display Network?

Google Display Network ads have proven to be useful in framing remarketing AdWord strategies.

Here’s Google Ads statistics to help establish the need and importance of promoting your brand through the Google Search Network.

  • Ads on the Google Display Network are shown to almost 90% of customers. (Google)
  • The Google Display Network offers eight different types of advertising. (Google)
  • Today, over 2 million websites are harnessing the power of the Google Display Network. (WebFx)
  • 55% of companies use Google Ads. (clutch)
  • For the Google Display Network, 35% is the average CTR. (WebFx)

Do I need to use Google Ads for mobile marketing?

With the proliferation of smartphone and internet usage, it’s almost inevitable to overlook the power of mobile-friendly and responsive Google Ads. Here’s Google Ads stats related to mobile marketing:

  • The average user uses a smart cellular device for more than 5 hours each day. (HubSpot)
  • In 2018, two-thirds of online holiday package bookings came from mobile devices. (Think on Google)
  • 95% of unique ad clicks on Google Ads come through mobile devices. (WebFx)
  • 64% of all Google searches come from smart cellular devices. (Statista)
  • 63% of all Google Ads spending goes to smartphones. (Business 2 community)
  • 60% of users click on mobile ads at least once a week. (WebFx)
  • 52% of all ad clicks on Google come from mobile devices. (WebFx)
  • 52% of your site’s total traffic comes from cellular devices. (Statista)
  • Forty-six percent of buyers say they like to compare and buy products from mobile devices. (Think on Google)
  • About 40% of all online transactions occur on mobile devices. (Think on Google)
  • Mobile responsive advertising campaigns are five times more effective than online and desktop advertising. (Mobile marketer)
  • Mobile advertising has the potential to increase brand awareness by 46%. (Think of it as Google)
  • Shoppers who have a mobile device and a stable internet connection are more likely to shop online. (Think on Google)

Importance of Google Local Services Advertising

Local search advertising is useful if you want to gain a foothold or more inquiries in your store rather than asking Google for help, thanks to a physical store or shop. The following are Google Ads statistics related to Google Local Services Ads.

  • Four out of five customers want to customize their ads according to zip code, region, and city. (Today’s social media)
  • Four in five users seek the help of search engines to find local businesses and brands. (Today’s social media)
  • The average cost per lead to a local company varies between $ 6 and $ 30. (Word stream)
  • 80% of local searches are converted by submitting a contact form. (WebFx)
  • 28% of local search leads to sales. (Google)

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All of the above Google Ads statistics underscore the importance of marketing your brand through Google AdWords. What are you looking for? Create the most competitive and strategically planned advertising campaigns right now.

Top Google Ads Statistics [2021] Top Google Ads Statistics [2021]

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