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After 256 regular season matches, the NFL playoffs are finally here.Playoffs are becoming more popular in recent years Fantasy footballAn easy way to forget what the other team did on the last shot at redemption. The NFL playoffs are set to start on Saturday, so here’s the wildcard fantasy football rankings.

Note: Please note that these are PPR rankings.

NFL Wildcard Top 5 Fantasy Quarterback Rankings

1) Josh Allen vs. Indianapolis Colts
2) Tennessee Titans Lamar Jackson
3) Ryan Tannehill vs. Baltimore Ravens
4) Tom Brady vs Washington Football Team
5) Ben Roethlisberger vs. Cleveland Browns

It’s harder to find a quarterback in the NFL playoffs than Josh Allen. He finished his regular season as Fantasy QB1 and set a record for a franchise single season passing 4,544 yards. His dual-threat ability brings him to the top of the fantasy rankings in the NFL playoffs wildcard rounds.

As I said last week, Lamar Jackson looks like the 2019 edition again, so don’t look at it now. Since the 13th week, Jackson has been in QB2, only 1.34 fantasy points behind Allen. During this stretch, Jackson averaged 26.3 points per game, had 12 touchdowns, and rushed 430 yards. He gets the best matchup in QB in the playoffs. Tennessee is 28th against QB, abandoning 21.33 points per game and 31st in total fantasy points allowed at 104.81 per game.

Ryan Tannehill is the QB3 of the NFL Wild Card Fantasy Ranking. With an average of 26.77 points in the last five games, you can take advantage of the underrated maneuverability to use your arms to break defenses in deep passes and red zones. Baltimore is ninth in QB (16.92) points, but it’s hard to see his series of jobs.

Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger conclude the top five

Tom Brady has returned to the NFL playoffs and finished the season powerfully. He has thrown more than 300 yards in the last three games and four touchdowns in the last two games.

Ben Roethlisberger is fifth in the NFL Wildcard Fantasy Rankings. At the end of the season when the Steelers lost their three straights, Roethlisberger didn’t look like himself. However, the Steelers sat him and several other starters in the 17th week, taking a break from the 4th to the first week when the schedule was adjusted.

NFL Wildcard Fantasy Quarterback Ranking (6-10)

6) Russell Wilson of the Los Angeles Rams
7) Drew Brees vs. Chicago Bears
8) Mitch Trubisky in New Orleans Saints
9) Baker Mayfield of the Pittsburgh Steelers
10) Jared Goff of Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson is surrounded by all the talents of the world, but has the most challenging competition. Rams gave QB (13.52) the fewest points, and Wilson had 12 points (week 10) and 20 points (week 16) in the last two times these teams played.

Drew Brees had a hard time lately, but on Sunday he was able to get the full weapon. The optimistic view that Michael Thomas can return from IR comes from the saints. In addition, Alvin Kamala has shots coming back as long as he can do negative tests down to the game.

Which version of these players do you see?

From the 12th week onwards, Mitch Trubisky’s total points are: 21, 13, 25, 14, 25, 11. Does that mean you’re back to over 20 points this week? It’s confusing, but this is an overall bad match for the Bears.

From the 13th week onwards, Baker Mayfield is a fantasy QB7. I was also surprised. He averages 19.3 points per game on that stretch. But he is already facing the Steelers defense, which he has faced twice. In those games, Mayfield was QB25 and QB21.

I know Seattle has abandoned its second NFL yard after the season, but it’s been strong for the last few weeks. In their last five games, they can only pass 207.8 yards per game. According to head coach Sean McBay, He doesn’t know if Goff will be available. It may be gamemanship that prepares Seattle for the two QBs. I don’t know the answer at this time.

NFL Wild Card Round Top 5 Fantasy Running Back Ranking

1) Derrick Henry vs. Baltimore Ravens
2) Jonathan Taylor from Buffalo Bills
3) JK Dobbins of Tennessee Titans
4) Nick Chub of the Pittsburgh Steelers
5) Alvin Kamala vs. Chicago Bears

Derrick Henry became the eighth player in NFL history, rushing over 2,000 yards to join former Titan Chris “CJ2K” Johnson in the process. There isn’t much else to add.

Since the 11th week, Jonathan Taylor has 741 yards (second most in the NFL), seven lashing TDs (third most), averaging 6.2 yards per carry. He finished at 1,169 yards (third most in the NFL) and was eighth with 11 TDs this season as a rush yard over 1,000 yards, a TD over 10 yards, and a rookie over 5.0 yards per carry. ..

Speaking of breakout rookie RB, JK Dobbins has increased since taking over this backfield. Dobbins will perform 160 yards and two touchdowns in the 17th week and will have a great match this week. Faced with the Titans, he is the 26th-placed defense pointing at position (25.7), opening wildcard rounds with an average of 100 yards per game and 4.57 yards per carry. I don’t know how Tennessee can contain both him and Jackson.

Nick Chub and Alvin Kamara conclude the top five fantasy RB rankings in the NFL playoffs

Yes, Pittsburgh has a solid defense, but due to injury, this is not the same defense that led the league at the beginning of the season. They are vulnerable to long runs, and Nickchub always has the power and speed to break long runs. He did it to them last week.

Alvin Kamara could be on the NFL Playoffs Fantasy RB ranking list if he knew he was playing. He is a PPR monster and can see up to 10 targets in the game, centered around Breeze. Availability is my only concern.

Playoff Fantasy RB Ranking 6-10

6) David Montgomery of New Orleans Saints
7) Seattle Seahawks Come Acres
8) Chris Carson vs Los Angeles Rams
9) Tampa Bay Buccaneers JD Maxic
10) Ronald Jones vs Washington Football Team

The match isn’t great against the saint, who is number one against fantasy running backs, allowing 17.84 points per game. However, since the 11th week of Byweek, David Montgomery hasn’t finished below the RB8 in the PPR, recording eight touchdowns.

Cam Akers played in a winning game, but wasn’t strong enough. Still, he managed to squeeze 34 yards out of 21 rushes. He caught all four targets of the team’s best 52 receiving yards. Assuming Akers avoided the setback, he would have to finish in the top half of the NFL’s wildcard round RB fantasy rankings.

Carson seemed to be in the snap count as he played only 44% of Sunday’s snaps. Still, he was a total of 83 yards against the 49ers, but couldn’t find an end zone for the third straight week. Rams gave up the fourth lowest point on RB (19.96), which could be a more committee approach than we would like.

Surprise RB leads league with 2020 goal

Passing volume is the value that JDMckissic brings. Entering the 17th week, McKissic was a PPR RB5. His 110 targets lead all running backs and pass games are one way to move the ball against Tampa Bay. Of the 20.21 points (7th to lowest) allowed per game to RB, 57.5% are from the air.

Ronald Jones returned after missing two games on the NFL’s reserve list, scoring 12 carries at 78 yards and scoring on Sunday’s victory. Jones missed several games and finished only 22 yards of 1,000 yards during the season, despite joining the committee. The downside is the lack of transit usage that limits his upper limit.

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Top players in a match set for a wild card round Top players in a match set for a wild card round

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