Top RPG News Of The Week: November 1st (Cyberpunk 2077, Demon’s Souls, Shadowlands and More!)

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Fallout 76

  • Bethesda has announced that the Brotherhood of Steel questline will be launching in December with the Steel Dawn update.
  • This faction quest-line Fallout 76: Steel Dawn sets to introduce new NPCs, faction as well as companions to the West Virginia Wasteland. The update will be free for all those who own the game.
  • Here you will need to update the Brotherhood on the happenings of the Appalachia, and give them a hand. The developer says you’ll learn more about the intentions of the Brotherhood with the new quests, plus more will be coming throughout 2021.
  • Along with the new quest will be new locations and new gear. There will also be new features such as the C.A.M.P. Shelters, rewards, including weapons, armor, and C.A.M.P. Plans. The Holiday Scorched Seasonal Event will be returning once again and a number of gameplay improvements will be introduced.
  • Fallout 76 is currently available to play on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Steel Dawn will be releasing this December 2020. For all your Fallout needs be sure to visit out Fallout 76 wiki.

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Baldur’s Gate 3

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 released on Steam Early Access and Stadia early this month, unleashing the RPG game to the masses. Larian Studios are continually improving the game while it’s in Early Access, much of these improvements comes from feedback straight from the players, helping to enhance the game experience.
  • The latest patch is a big one, which not only adds general fixes to cinematics, which completely change the view and overall feel of the scenes, but they have entirely “re-shot” a certain song.
  • Along with the patch note fixes, the developer has shared some interesting results for in-game player choices for BG3.
  • Interesting stats revealed included only 1.37% of players opted to sleep alone, I guess  romancing NPCs was by far the more popular option, with Gale coming out on top with 33%. Shadowheart came in second with 31%. If you wanted to know how many people leapt to their death in The Underdark, there were 40.79% who didn’t make it as they jumped without Feather Fall, ouch.
  • Several improvements have been made to the game including sound settings to help the performance of lower spec PCs, adjustments to timing of some tutorial messages and if you listen to other player’s dialogs, it will now correctly show the dice rolls.
  • Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently available on Steam Early Access and Stadia.

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Cyberpunk 2077

  • Once again Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed, moving it’s November 19th launch date later to December 10th. This is the third time this year the title has been pushed back. The reason for the delay is due to the huge undertaking to prepare 9 different versions of the game, as it will be releasing across a number of platforms including new consoles Playstation 5 and Xbox Series S/X.
  • The 21 extra days will help the developer have time to finalise the game for these different platforms.
  • The twitter post also addressed the “going gold” status that many in the industry use as a term to share they are ready to ship out their game. According to CD Projekt Red while that may have been true about the game being “completed”, they will continue to raise “the quality bar” for players and will continue to work on the game.
  • The news has been met with of course disappointment from many fans, but Cyberpunk 2077 will still be releasing this year, just in December instead. What do you think this news? Let us know in the comments below.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 will now be releasing on December 10th. It will be available to play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X and Stadia.

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Demon’s Souls Remake

  • It’s been a long time since the original Demon’s Souls released, and the remake is just under two weeks away from releasing on a brand new generation of console.
  • A brand new trailer was released this week previewing some of the boss fights players will come up against. The video shows off iconic bosses Stonefang Tunnel, Armor Spider, Flamelurker and other boss combos.
  • But that’s not the only new details releasing, a number of interviews have confirmed some details for what will be different in the remake.
  • Changes include carry capacity in the form of encumbrance, in the original the amount of healing grass consumables a player could carry were in the hundreds, with no real punishment. However in the remake it will limit the supply available, as well as more powerful versions such a Full Moon Grass, will weigh more than the less potent versions.
  • The experience of playing on a brand new console will mean a different experience when it comes loading times. Demon’s Souls is getting quite the upgrade, offering 4K stunning visuals with two modes. Players can choose cinematic mode which offers native 4K with 30 fps, or performance mode offering 4K with 60 fps for “smoother animation”.
  • There is also the new haptic feedback from the DualSense controller, this gives a whole new experience as you gain new visual, audio and feel to the game.
  • One improvement that gets a modern update is the addition of omnidirectional moves, players can roll in eight directions opposed to the original four.
  • Another confirmation is that there will be no sixth Archstone. There was previous speculation that the original Playstation 3 version had a world cut, and the remake may include this sixth Archstone, but it has been confirmed by Moore that this won’t be the case.
  • One thing that has been confirmed is that the Demon’s Souls Remake will not include is difficulty modes. While there isn’t levels of difficulty, you can still face a further challenge by taking on Fractured Mode. This mode will throw your world a little chaos by mirroring the world and reversing the map.
  • It looks like while there are additions, new content and modern improvements in the Demon’s Souls Remake, Bluepoint are very much upholding the core of the game. We are definitely looking forward to the release and have already got the Demon’s Souls Remake wiki up with plenty of info for those revisiting in this new experience, or those venturing into Boletaria for the first time.
  • Demon’s Souls Remake will launch alongside Playstation 5 on Novemeber 12th.

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The Ascent

  • The multiplayer Action-RPG The Ascent will be coming to consoles and PC in 2021. The indie developer Neon Giant announced this week, along with a short video to highlight a number of features of the game including co-op, narrative driven adventure and classic RPG mechanics.
  • The title is set in a sci-fi world where a self-contained corporate-run metropolis is filled with a number of creatures originating from all over the galaxy.
  • For some unknown reason The Ascent Group needs to be shutdown, and struggle for survival begins, with rival corporations and crime syndicates looking to move on in. Players will take on the role of defence, trying to hold off the encroaching enemies.
  • The Ascent offers both a single-player and co-op experience with up to four players. This game will be action packed, in a sci-fi, cyberpunk setting.
  • The Ascent will be releasing on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC in 2021.

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Final Fantasy XVI

  • The next entry in the Final Fantasy universe was revealed back in September, revealing a trailer but little else for Final Fantasy 16. In a post on the Playstation Blog this week, producer Naoki Yoshida sheds some light on the world and some of the characters for this game.
  • It wouldn’t be a FF game without some form of crystals and FF16 doesn’t disappoint. The new story takes place in Valisthea known as the the “Land Blessed in the Light of the Mothercrystals”. The new game art features a stunning city overlooked by a large towering crystal.
  • But this beautiful land is not without conflict, many wars have been fought over the Mothercrystals.
  • Yoshida introduces three characters, Clive Rosfield, his younger brother Joshua Rosfield and Jill Warrick. These characters will be swept up in the ongoing events.
  • Those who are familiar with the Final Fantasy series will have come across Eikons, these are summons that unleash destructive powers. They are also creatures that are dangerous and live in Valisthea. Eikons live inside special beings known as Dominants. While some revere Dominants treating them like royalty, in other realms they are used as weapons on the battlefield.
  • A teaser website has launched for Final Fantasy XVI. The game will release sometime in 2021 on Playstation 5.

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World of Warcraft Shadowlands

  • Earlier this month Blizzard announced they would be delaying the release of World of Warcraft Shadowlands to give more time for “polishing the core features and gameplay”. They have now confirmed the new release date is on November 23rd, along with a new story trailer.
  • This extra time given has allowed them to make some changes to the Covenant system making player choices “more immediately impactful and have clearer long-term goals”.
  • This post also announced the pre-launch event which will be starting on November 10th, pitting players against the Scourge and introducing a number of quests getting you ready for Shadowlands. There is also news of the first raid which will be opening on December 8th called Castle Nathria.
  • World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will now release on November 23rd.

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Path of Exile

  • Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games have decided to push the release date of their upcoming expansion, version 3.13 to avoid Cyberpunk 2077’s new launch date.
  • The reason for the change in release date was due to the recent news about Cyberpunk 2077 now launching on December 10th. GGG explained that the decision was so it wouldn’t put “players in a position of having to choose between these two games”. This means 3.13 will now be releasing in January instead.
  • Path of Exile will however still be getting some “interesting” stuff over the course of Christmas/New Year, so players will still have something to look forward to this holiday season.
  • Wanting to dive into POE but want to get off on the right foot? Be sure to read our Path Of Exile Heist Getting Started Tips: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Played.

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Genshin Impact

  • Mihoyo the developer behind the popular online Action-RPG Genshin Impact, announced this week it will be receiving its next major update 1.1. on November 11th, along with a new trailer.
  • Version 1.1. update titled A New Star Approaches is coming to PC, Android, iOS and Playstation 4 this November. Genshin Impact will also be launching on PS5 with backwards compatibility with improved graphics and faster load times.
  • The update will also introduce new characters to collect, the first season event Unreconciled Stars, plus a new Reputation system.
  • A number of new quests will be added to the game, including the grand finale for the Liyue chapter’s main storyline. But that’s not the only addition, new characters will be added, two 5 star characters Childe and Zhongli. There is also two additional 4 star characters Xinyan and Diona, adding further ways to diversify your party with a number of combos and strategies.
  • The first seasonal event will also be releasing with ver. 1.1. called Unreconciled Stars. The event will last two weeks where players will need to complete a series of new quests, co-op challenges and earn some new rewards including a 4 star character Fischl.
  • One major change will be the introduction of the “Reputation” system, which will allow the Traveler to build up reputation in each region in order to gain some rewards, and brand new region exclusive items plus customisations.
  • There are also new tools, a portable waypoint, portable stove, treasure compass and oculus resonance stones, which will all help in exploration, surviving and battling out in the world.

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