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Terrorism has spread its deadly effects around the world. And one of the tactics terrorists use to unleash fear and bloodshed is suicide bombing. As of mid-2015, about three-quarters of all suicide bombings reportedly occurred in three countries: Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. Until mid-2015, 1059 such attacks were carried out in Afghanistan, many of which were carried out by child suicide bombers. Sanjay Dutt-starrer TORBAAZ focuses on this burning issue, something not seen in Bollywood movies. So can TORBAAZ excite and entertain the audience? Or is it impressive? Let’s analyze it.

TORBAAZ is the story of a former Army doctor trying to bring joy to children through cricket. Nacelle Khan (Sanjay Dutt) was an Army doctor in the Indian Army. At one point he was working at the Indian Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. His wife Meera (Priyanka Verma) and son Aryan (Preet Bhanushali) also moved there. Meera started social work for refugees with Ayesha (Nargis Fakhri). One day while Nacelle, Mira and Aryan were shopping at the market, a child suicide bomber attacked. It immediately killed Mira and the Aryans. A few years later, Aisha invited Nacelle to Afghanistan and opened a refugee camp called Tomorrow’s Hope. Nasser reluctantly goes there because the death of his family still plagues him. It’s bitter at first, but then when he meets the father of Nears, the child who performed the blast, he goes on. Aisha then invites Nacelle to another tomorrow’s hope refugee camp outside Kabul. Here you will find that kids such as Baaz (Aishan Jawaid Malik), Gulab (Rudra Soni), Sadiq (Rehan Shaikh) and Ali Sher (Tapajyoti Sarkar) love to play cricket. Nasser recognizes that if they are very talented and take their cricket career seriously, their future can be bright. Therefore, Nasser announces that he will coach them in cricket, and hopefully someday they will be able to play for the cricket team in Afghanistan. Sadly, there are too many obstacles. For starters, some children are Pashtuns and others are from Pakistan. These two groups are eye-to-eye. Pakistani groups have been accused of carrying out suicide bombings. Not only that, a terrorist led by Kazar (Rahul Dev) is trying to find the children of Pakistan, who he is very well trained and a potential suicide bomber. He learned that they live in the same refugee camp where Nacelle is trying to form a cricket team. He asks his men to take these children further on the agenda of his terrorism. What happens next forms the rest of the movie.

The story of Greek Malik is great and needs time. Few people know the suffering of Afghan refugees and those who lost their loved ones in a suicide attack. The story sheds light on these aspects and helps increase the viewer’s knowledge. However, the screenplays by Greek Malik and Balti Jakar are poor and dry. There are few scenes that affect you. Also, this was supposed to be a fast-paced story, but instead it’s quite long, 2.13 hours. The dialogue between Greek Malik and Baltijakar is nothing special.

The direction of Greek Malik is the biggest culprit. This could have been a great flick if it was well-directed or handled by someone else. But sadly, the execution of Greek Malik ruins the show. Some scenes are random and have been added for that. In addition, there are scenes of drone attacks and wars between terrorists and the military. In these scenes, the tone of the story changes abruptly, making it a movie like a documentary or a film festival. Also, the use of stock footage seems to be bad. On the positive side, he has dealt with several scenes here and there with Elan.

TORBAAZ starts in a very strange and random way. Later, when Nacelle was introduced in the story and arrived in Kabul, the film got off to a good start. His ordeal of losing his wife and children may have been better portrayed. The children’s parallel tracks are interesting and it makes the movie bearable. However, the documentary-style scenes that appear in the movies on a regular basis further hinder the impact. The cricket match scene isn’t impressive, and in recent movies like CHHICHHORE, better versions of the underdog team have won or have a tough time. [2019] And CHHALAANG [2020].. The last scene is well thought out, but again, it’s not in the right direction.

Movie Review: Torbaaz

Sanjay Dutt is decent and nothing special. However, he likes this avatar and character. Naruhisfafuri is in vain. Rahul Dev is at the top of the list as a villain. Priyanka Verma is a cameo and decent. Preet Bhanushali doesn’t do much. Rahul Mittra (Colonel Junaid Khan) is good for that part, but his performance is weak. Gavi Chahar (Shariah) is fair and Large Singh Arora (Harpal, also known as Bill, Coach) is decent. Mohd Haq Peer Khan (Niaz), Daljit Sean Singh (Niaz’s father), Rockey Raina (Abullah; driver), Nira Suaraz (Baaz’s mother) are ok. When it comes to actors playing refugee children, Rehan Shaikh has left the biggest mark as Sadiq, the smallest child. The way he scolds Sanjay Dutt in some scenes is hilarious. Aishan Jawaid Malik plays an important role as Baaz and has very good performance. Then Rudra Soni comes and leaves a mark. Tapajyoti Sarkar, Kanha (Imlal) and Ballu Panchal (Wahid) are also good.

Vikram Montrose music doesn’t work. “Maura” I will forget it. This should have been a songless movie. However, Bickram Ghosh’s background score has a thrilling element. The cinematographer of Hiroo Keswani is beautiful. The Kyrgyzstan locale is very well captured. Jawed Karim’s actions are Sands, Blood and Bloodshed. The production design of Orozbay Absattarov is realistic. Costumes from Shaahid Amir, Bhagyashree Rajurkar and Pallavi Patel will soon be unavailable. Posthouse VFX is average in some scenes and fair in the rest. Editing Dilip Deo (additional editing by Protim Khaound) is unplanned in some places.

Overall, TORBAAZ is based on great ideas and tells an important story. But the bad direction ruins it all. Disappointed.

Torbaaz Review 2.0 / 5 | Torbaaz Movie Review | Torbaaz2020 Public Review

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