Torchlight III will be celebrated with a free winter-themed Snow & Steam update

The biggest update to date for Torchlight III has arrived. This will increase the cheers of the holidays a bit. Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC gamers delve into this dungeon crawler action RPG. This is a free winter-themed Snow & Steam update that includes exclusive pets and legendary gear.

Thanks to the Torchlight III Snow & Steam update, a new limited-time “Snow & Steam deal” has been added, giving you the opportunity to spend your vacation with two new fur companions, Frost Owl and Ugly Sweater Cat. You can also earn additional content by advancing this deal, such as snow-based fort decorations and an assortment of consumables and currency-based rewards. Please note that the contract is only available during the holiday season, but unlocked items will be retained permanently during this period. What’s more, there are two new pets, the adorable reindeer and the Jolly Ferret, and a special and super cute festive variation of the beloved retriever pet.

While hacking and slashing the frontier, I was able to obtain five new legendary weapons. Four of them are part of the Arctic weapons set. North Mace, Glacier’s Edge, Frostwall, Myril General. Outside that set, there’s also one unique weapon known as Toymaker’s Tool. Also, pay attention to the Winter Weave Armor Set, which has lucky adventure skills. Defeating an elite enemy will increase item luck by + 20% and movement speed by 10%. The new Winterweave item is a permanent addition to Torchlight III, but can only be found on characters level 47 and above. Two new rare helms have also been added: a frost foam head that transforms the player’s head into a snowman and an elfin cap.

And finally, Snow & Steam brings a variety of quality of life improvements that everyone can enjoy. The Forged class has received major combat upgrades and a new HUD to ensure that it is a more viable class. Fazeer’s Dun’djinn has also been tweaked in relation to more affixes and rewards, with changes to the Fort system like the new “Style Station”. The new station incorporates transmog and dye features that allow you to customize the look and color of your gear.

You can accept today’s festival, just download the latest free updates Torch III And enjoy the holiday cheers spot!

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Torchlight III gets festive with free Winter-themed Snow & Steam update

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