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The Toronto Raptors Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 inside and outside the company, I spent almost a week off. The pause gave Raptors mock draft experts ample time to prepare for the addition of potential lottery teams that lacked depth on both the front and back courts.

The Raptors seemed to do a very good job finding talent in the 2021 NBA Draft. Scottie Barnes 4th overall, high quality backup point guard Darano Banton In their first second round selection.

Even with bantons, their backcoat benches could be a bit more electrical.Why don’t you use the lottery? Had won a comparison Did you just go to Russell Westbrook in high school and help his team defeat the No. 1 potential choice between Chet Holmgren and Gonzaga?

ESPN’s Jonathan Jibonnie and Mike Schmitz Ask Toronto to re-select the elite bench player with Alabama’s point guard JD Davison. The Raptors were looking for an influential Sixth Man throughout the season, and Davison was able to check the box for years to come.

Toronto Raptors Mock Draft: JD Davison is expected to be highly rewarded.

Davison’s calling card is his freaky athletic ability. He will make money by swinging the rim with some thunderous dunks as the pros go downhill. During the transition, Davison will become a weapon the moment you step into the NBA floor.

Davison has averaged 4.9 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game, despite playing as a guard for only 24 minutes per game. He formed a wonderful combination of yin and yang with former top recruit Juffbon Quinary. The ability to secure the glass and create a very impressive path helps facilitate the NBA’s actions.

NBA evaluators may not be encouraged by his play in the upset defeat against Davidson, but will love the fact that he helped defeat Gonzaga. Davison scored 20 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists.

Something is desired for Davison’s offense production. He hasn’t started a game in Alabama yet, averaging only 8.5 points per game. He is converting only 31% of his 3 pointers. But given how successful Burns’ picks were, fans may be happy to overlook it.

Davison does not intend to take over Fred VanVleet, but has shown sufficient athletic bounce and playmaking ability at both ends to become one of the team’s top reserves as a rookie. The starting lineup looks solid, but Davison is talented enough to force change if he continues to improve.

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Toronto takes the best athletic point guard Toronto takes the best athletic point guard

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