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Albon’s commitment to racing at DTM this season is over, and AlphaTauri boss Franz Tost has revealed that Thai drivers are assisting Kakuda at the Mexican Grand Prix.

“That’s true,” Tost said. “Alex comes to Yuki, talks to him, explains the truck to him, and Yuki asks. [questions].. It is a discussion between drivers.

“I think it’s very positive because Yuki has a lot of knowledge from Alex, so it’s very positive.”

Kakuda has endured a kind of roller coaster campaign that continues to be even more difficult, with a series of crashes following a strong debut in Bahrain, hindering results.

However, by moving to Faenza and approaching the AlphaTauri team and gaining a deeper understanding of F1’s challenges, Kakuda was able to move up the rankings and recently returned to the third quarter again.

Tost said it makes perfect sense for his team to seek the experience of Albon, who maintains Red Bull’s reserves until he becomes a Williams driver at the end of the season.

“Alex was in the Red Bull family and ran on DTM, so there weren’t many free weekends on weekends, but he said he needed to support Yuki when he was on the track,” Tost said. I added.

Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri AT02

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“We told Yuki to ask him a question so that we can help you understand everything better. It works very well.”

Red Bull’s boss was dissatisfied with Kakuda’s mistakes early in the season, but Tost said he was impressed with how the young man stayed calm and turned things around.

“Yuki is getting better and better,” he said. “He has a better understanding of the engineering side of the car.

“He has had many meetings with engineers in Faenza to get a better picture of everything, to get a better feeling in the car, and to understand what’s going on.

“I was surprised at his performance this morning. [he ended up 11th] He did a really good run on the FP1 because he must not forget that he came here for the first time.

“I’ve changed the power unit so I have to start from behind the grid, but I’m very optimistic that he can get some points as he can overtake the performance here.”

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Tost explains Kakuda’s Arbon F1 weekend support at AlphaTauri Tost explains Kakuda’s Arbon F1 weekend support at AlphaTauri

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