Total War: Troy will be multiplayer this week

If there’s one big lesson from Iliad, it’s all better to be with friends. The multiplayer beta of the strategy game is set to launch on November 26th, so you’ll soon be able to join the ranks in Total War Saga: Troy.

Since Troy is one of the supplementary “Saga” titles in the Total War Catalog, features have been slowly appearing since its launch in early autumn. Total War: Troy saw photo mode, normal subsequent blood and bloody DLC, and mod support all arriving in October. The Creative Assembly is now ready to let players try multiplayer, a key component of most Total War games of the past.

According to the developers, Troy players will have “more” as the multiplayer beta launches, including custom battles for up to eight players, regular co-op multiplayer campaigns, and community map support. You can expect to do it. Multiplayer battles are certainly interesting, as the trojans focus on mythical heroes. It is the main basis for resolving the long-standing debate over whether Achilles or Hector will win in a straightforward battle.

The announcement is as follows.

Total War Saga: Troy uses a new trading system that focuses on raw materials rather than currencies. This can create interesting dynamics in co-op campaigns. But what’s definitely interesting is working with friends to break through the Troy Gate together. At the very least, use a specially designed horse to sneak the Greeks inside.

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