Total War: Warhammer 2’s Wood Elves DLC adds zoats and giant dragons

Creative Assembly has released a new video that introduces the Sisters of Twilight. This is the legendary 2 to 1 main combo that will star in Twisted & The Twilight DLC in Total War: Warhammer II in early December.

Your job as a sister is to combat corruption that corrupts the roots of the deep world that connects the magical forests of the world. Launch the Eye of the Vortex campaign on Witchwood. This is a vacant lot that needs healing and suffers from invasion from greenskin and dark elves. Once you’ve dealt with external threats and expelled corruption from the Witch Tree, you’ll be able to use Deep Roots to quickly move to the rest of the New World. You need to carefully choose the army to send. Deal with each threat.

Fortunately, as previously reported, you can summon many formidable new units, including the great Stag Knight, who can smash enemy armor and quickly fly around the battlefield. Dryads can protect vulnerable shooters. There is also a wonderful forest dragon where the Sisters can finally board and take part in the battle. Armed with the horrifying spells you have decided to study.

Here’s a video that takes us to a whistle-like voyage early in the campaign:

Wood Elves also have access to a huge zoo, which is essentially a Godzilla version of the Centaur. These giant infantry units excel against large units and enemy infantry, and can both confuse and enhance on the battlefield.

Overall, The Twisted & The Twilight looks like a pretty substantial addition to the already fast-growing fantasy strategy game. When the load pack release date comes, we’re looking forward to seeing what else is available.

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