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Harvey Elliott He’s trying to build a career in Liverpool, so he returned to Blackburn on Monday for one night to greet his supporters following his successful loan.

Elliott returned to Ewood Park earlier this week to go around the pitch, sign shirts, pose for selfies, and meet fans in the club’s hospitality suite.

This was after a breakout loan spell with the Rover’s last season, where he scored seven goals and assisted 11 in 42 games, but never played in front of supporters.

A great gesture from a teenager who has abandoned the option of staying abroad to stay in the UK this week, demonstrating the value of his time at Blackburn.

He was a rare example of a player who took out a loan with Liverpool’s first team to establish himself, injuring him at the start of the campaign and shortening his exceptional run.

And talk to RoversTV Elliott returned to Lancashire and thanked him for his formative experience under Tony Mowbray.

“Playing here was one of the highlights of my career. Touch the trees and get a good one,” said the young man.

“The loan spell has firmly supported me for this season.

“I learned a lot from my experience here. I learned a lot from the lighting technicians and teams, confronted different playing styles and different teams, and thought about how to break them down.

“It was a great achievement to come here and do what I actually did, and to say that I wore a Rover’s shirt and played for them.”

For such a young player, Elliott speaks with true maturity and intellect, with respect for those who have helped him on his way.

He certainly didn’t have to travel to Ewood Park during a mid-season break in Liverpool, and his visit before the 1-0 victory over Nottingham Forest is characteristic of his attitude.

“I was telling my dad on the way that I missed this drive to the stadium,” he continued.

“I learned a lot of joy, a lot of experience, and a lot from the Rovers spells I put in this season, so the drive to Ewood Park will be unforgettable in the future.

“It was great to be back here to see all the fans and the buzz around the stadium, see the team play again and see their quality. I can move forward. I want

“It was a pity that I couldn’t play in front of the supporters last season and couldn’t give everything, but I got the chance to come back here and say hello and goodbye. Fans.”

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“Touchwood”-Harvey Elliott Explains Blackburn Loan’s Career Impact-Liverpool FC “Touchwood”-Harvey Elliott Explains Blackburn Loan’s Career Impact-Liverpool FC

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