Toxic masculinity and harmful criteria that all of us are expected to meet

Recently, I got up early on Saturday and met a friend and her baby for a cup of coffee. “Early without features” means 8:30 am, but not so early. understood.

On my way to or from my training class, I was crazy walking by two chipper 20-year-old girls in tight-fitting leggings.

Why do you meet more women in New York City every time you get up early on the weekend? Why do they look much more productive than men?

When I graduated from college, I first noticed this trend. I heard a couple of girlfriends talking about plans to get up and meet a training class within 6 hours because it’s too late at the local drinking fountain. The next day my only plan was to sleep until noon and order bagels (apparently with green onion cream cheese).

Looking back today, I realized that this small, small behavioral difference symbolizes the different expectations of society for men and women.

Toxic masculinity has brought men into a party life. Drink hard. Smoke a cigarette. I’ll take medicine. Be indomitable. This behavior requires constant sleep to recover later and reduce productivity.

For women, on the other hand, the emphasis is on appearance, calmness, and output. In essence, about being perfect.

This may sound misleading, backward and outdated, but unfortunately these expectations are slowly changing, but they are still affecting our society.And the results are not very positive for men also woman.

Females often burn candles at both ends, affecting stress levels and well-being, while men strive to be tough and uncontrolled. This often leads to behaviors that cause serious damage to physical and mental health. In fact, toxic masculinity is often associated with reasons why men have a shorter life expectancy than females.

When I saw these two women this morning, I felt envy. I wish I were a more morning person. I wish I could take fitness seriously. I wish I could be more productive. But I suspected that I was focusing on the perceived positive side effects of female expectations.

Maybe these girls have been very tired since the night before, trying to please everyone, doing it all, looking beautiful and not complaining. Or maybe they can’t go out and are really morning people. Perhaps this is just their way of practicing self-care. Why should I try to define them?

Nevertheless, I felt envious. I haven’t learned the habits that were formed when I was young.

When I was in high school, when I was closed and trying to fit my body, one of the easiest ways to do that was to drink. In addition, I will be rewarded with a large drink. It was a demonstration of my masculinity. To make matters worse, the escapism that this gave me from an unforgettable spiritual profession with my sexuality made alcohol even more fascinating and worsened drinking. Habits were formed and the instructions were clear. I should drink a lot. The benefits are endless.

What they aren’t talking about is the anxiety and laziness that comes from the lifestyle of having a party to prove something. Most of their twenties absorbed weekends and leisure like the eve of the apocalypse, and the next few days became sad. I got stuck in this cycle.

To get rid of alcohol from my life, it was necessary for cancer to better reflect these feelings of depression, mainly due to drinking. And the difference is huge. My productivity has skyrocketed. (But I’m still determined no Morning person).

These thin leggings women looked bright and early, so I went back to my twenties. It reminded me of this toxicity that I haven’t learned. I reminded me that I made changes and that I don’t have to follow the standards that someone else has imposed on me. But this morning also reminded me that women are not easy when it comes to what society wants from women. The grass is always green.

We all need to come in the middle and find a balance. These expectations for everyone are too great. We all need to define what it means to us. This does not depend on society.

Who knew that Lululemon could trigger me so much?

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