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Toy day event time

The main event of Toy Day is 6 am to 5 am on December 24, 2020, Also known as Christmas Eve.

It’s important to be careful As of the v1.6.0 update, all new holiday events are time locked. That is, you cannot time travel to these events before they are set to actually occur.

For more information on time travel to Toy Day, see our helpful guide below.

How to prepare for toy day

The main thing you need to prepare for Toy Day is to collect toys from Nook’s Cranny. From December 1st, Tom Nook’s Crannie will start selling toys on the blue mat on the left side of the door. You will need as many toys as the villagers. It doesn’t matter who receives any gift.


This will take 10 days if the island is full of villagers, as the toys spin every day. But if you don’t mind, you can buy 10 exactly the same toys on the same day.

You also need ornaments that can shake off the spruce trees that grow in the upper layers of the island. This isn’t exactly what you need to do before Toy Day, but it may not be possible if you just started the game recently.

For more information on all three themes, please visit the links below.

Starting December 1st, Able Sisters will have several festive clothing options, including Santa costume items, festive dresses, and reindeer costumes.

All of these clothing items will be displayed randomly until the toy day. On Toy Day, all pieces of the costume are in stock at Able Sisters. Santa’s costume does not include boots, so you need to improvise with others.

Arriving at 6pm on December 24th, find the reindeer jingle at the Event Plaza in front of Resident Services and start celebrating Toy Day.

Not only for toy days, but also for the general celebration season, there are a variety of DIY recipes to enter the holiday spirit, such as Christmas trees, gifts and, of course, huge illumination decorations!

Visit the first link below to learn about all the festive DIY recipes, and the second link to get the DIY available by helping the jingle on the toy day itself.

After helping the jingle, you can visit the villagers on the island and give away the toys you bought at the beginning of the month. Don’t forget to wrap them!


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