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Returning to the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota We previewed a small electric car that will arrive later this year. At that time, the MINI-Z concept car had no name other than the “Ultra Compact BEV”, and the release date was set in the latter half of 2020.

Japanese car makers are at the right time as it reveals the Toyota C+Pod-Product version Previous ultra-compact BEV concept.. Toyota aims to provide mobility with this model in a pint-sized package, making it ideal for urban and community applications.

Toyota C+The pod is 2490 mm (98 inches) long, 1290 mm (50.8 inches) wide, and the pod is 1550 mm (61 inches), which makes it larger than the i-ROAD, Smart fortwo EQ.. The exterior panel of this EV is also made of plastic to reduce weight, tilting the scale by 1,521 pounds (690 kilograms).

And unlike Toyota i-ROAD, This is essentially a three-wheeled motorcycle C+The pod can be used by two people on the ferry. It’s the perfect vehicle for social distance, with the option of bringing passengers and a few pieces of luggage, or something that fits in a small space behind the seat.

However, like i-ROAD, C+The pod is driven by an electric motor that draws power from a 9.06kWh rated lithium-ion battery. Small EVs can reach up to 93 miles (150 km) on a single charge, but you can’t expect to reach them in the shortest amount of time. The electric motor has a top speed of 37 mph (60 km / h) and can only deliver 12.3 horsepower (9.2 kilowatts) and 41.3 lb-ft (56 newton meters) of torque to the rear wheels.

Toyota C+The pod is currently sold in Japan with a starting price of JPY 1.65 million and a current exchange rate of around $ 16,000. Toyota did not disclose its availability worldwide.

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Toyota launches Minuscule EV with RWD, plastic body and 12HP Toyota launches Minuscule EV with RWD, plastic body and 12HP

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