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The following results are from the recent Total Psychopathic Wrestling event. The event took place on October 23, 2021 at Chatterbox Tavern in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Single match
Eligreen defeated Wolfman.

Single match
Stephen Burns defeated Dick Dangle Ward.

Home Run Derby Deathmatch
Malicious Creedmoor vs. Terry Houston has been declared no contest.

Hollywood street fight
Hollywood Ocho defeated Matt Rabbie.

TPW Heavyweight Championship Match
Blood Cash (c) defeated Hunter Wolf.

TPW Tag Team Championship Match
The Cult (Justin Zane & JW Dalton) defeated The Hollow Points (Keith Gavins & Mike Milgannon) to become the new TPW Tag Team Champion.

Single match
Tyler Jet broke the hairband.

Board of F ***** y Deathmatch
Travis Dykes defeated Aidan Blackheart and Will Banon.

TPW Deathmatch Championship Gusset and Glass Plate Deathmatch
Raven Havok (c) defeats Hardcore Hillbilly.

Barefoot deathmatch
Saladox broke an insane lane.
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TPW Results: Hallowicked-Knoxville, TN (10/23) TPW Results: Hallowicked-Knoxville, TN (10/23)

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