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Tracker honored to support the accident site in New Jersey

A New Jersey driver for Carbon Express was recognized for her actions at the scene of the accident earlier this year.

Truckload Carriers Association visits Melissa Bencivengo on Lake Hopatcong, NJ Highway Angel For her stopping at the scene of a three-car accident after witnessing the driver lose control.

Description of TCA:

It was September 7th rush hour when Bensi Bengo drove along I-280 near Newark, NJ. She had just unloaded the trailer and although there was heavy traffic, Bensi Bengo saw the car in front of her speeding up and starting to move sporadically. “She seemed to be trying to get in and out of the traffic in front of her,” Benci Bengo said. “She cut to the right and hit a jeep that spun her into the left lane. Then she bounced off another car, hit the jeep again, got out of control, hit the concrete barrier on the right, and 180. And finally blocked both lanes. ”

Melissa BencibengoBensi Bengo placed the cab at a 45 degree angle to block both lanes behind. She learned four ways, picked up an emergency kit and ran to help the driver of the first vehicle. “The airbags unfolded and the car was filled with smoke and dust,” said Bensi Bengo. “There were two other bystanders who helped me get her out of the car. She just came from the doctor’s office and said her blood pressure was high. What she said I didn’t know if it happened. “The woman was able to stand and walk. Another driver was with her while Bensi Bengo was checking another driver. The Jeep driver and his son were slightly injured. The driver of the third car was not injured.

Traffic was now backed up for miles. There were concrete barriers on both sides of the road, and there was no way for emergency vehicles to reach the scene. “We had to open the lane,” Bencivengo said. The car was inoperable and unfortunately her tow strap was broken. “Someone suggested bouncing and moving the car,” she shared. Bencivengo recruited three other truck drivers and three bystanders to help the vehicle bounce on its own. In the end, they were able to move the vehicle out of the way. Benci Bengo then repositioned the truck, leaving enough space in front to pull in emergency and tow trucks. After that, he began to guide traffic until police officers arrived. The tow truck driver and paramedic who arrived at the scene thanked Ben Sibengo for safely boarding the scene and working.

Bensi Bengo was trained to become a junior firefighter at the age of 15 and learned how to secure and evaluate the scene. She is also a certified nursing assistant who helped her assess the condition of the people involved in the accident. “Bystanders and truck drivers are true first responders,” she said. “It’s the truck that stops for three-quarters of the time. My company always says,” You’re a first responder. Something happens all the time on the road, so stop and everyone is okay. I’m hoping to make sure there’s a road. We all have a family who wants to go home. That day there were angels who helped us get things done positively. It’s a blessing. It was, “said Bensi Bengo.

Due to her willingness to help, TCA presented her with certificates, patches, lapel buttons, and truck stickers. Her employer received a letter recognizing their driver as a highway angel.

Since the program began in August 1997, approximately 1,300 professional truck drivers have been recognized as highway angels for their exemplary tenderness, courtesy and courage during work.

Tracker honored to support the accident site in New Jersey Tracker honored to support the accident site in New Jersey

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