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Chicago Bears is making an acquisition Russell Wilson a This off-season “top priority”..I wonder Seattle Seahawks Do you really want to exchange their quarterbacks? If so, why? Is the Bears really enough to seduce Seattle to trade the best quarterbacks in Seahawks franchise history?

Seattle will also be a hook for a large amount of dead cap space. In fact, $ 39 million – three-fifths of the $ 65 million contract he paid. If Wilson traded before June 1, 2021 would pay all $ 39 million. However, if traded after June 1st, you will be paid $ 13 million in 2021 and $ 26 million in 2022. Contrary to the cap, Wilson’s deal is unlikely.

But these rumors that Wilson is going elsewhere will not go away. Tweeted by Adam Chefter That there were four teams that Wilson might go on. Wilson and his agent, Mark Rogers, are certainly doing nothing to put down Wilson, who wants to escape Seattle.General Manager John Schneider always listens to the offer May improve the team.. But it’s hard to try to understand what Wilson’s endgame is.

Is Wilson trying to force the Seahawks to improve their attack lines? If so, it’s not that Seattle hasn’t tried to get a better o-line for years, and the team seems to be making bad HR decisions. Much of the draft capital is directed to those who play in front of Wilson, and Seattle has brought in free agents who work to varying degrees.

For Seattle Trading Wilson, this off-season rests great potential next year. Another player under the center is not as good as Wilson, so the team will be reduced. However, since 2021, Seattle has a lot of cap space, and if used correctly, Seattle can add a few quality players to improve different position groups.

Will Russell Wilson’s deal make the Seahawks better?

However, Wilson’s trades need to include draft topics, and Bears doesn’t have plenty of picks for the first round. They have their first round, one in 2021, one in 2022, one in 2023, and so on. But without Wilson, the Bears aren’t a bad team, so they won’t be low picks.

For example, Bears was ranked 20th in the 2021 draft. That’s higher than would have been chosen if Seattle still had the choice for the first round, but it’s unlikely that 20 would bring in a player who would change teams as well.

Finally, the twelve love Russell Wilson, but at what point does he start wearing lightly because he doesn’t just come out and say “I don’t want to be traded”? Wilson has a bit of a flame and seems to be doing so intentionally. He wasn’t good at the end of the 2020 season and Wilson deserves part of that responsibility. The Seahawks need to get better in 2021, as does Russell Wilson.

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Trading Russell Wilson to Bears is not out of the question Trading Russell Wilson to Bears is not out of the question

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