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Trading Watch List 01.04.2021 | Wall Street Bull

QQQ will hold up and reintegrate. This is mainly due to the strength of some big cap technicians. Most other tech names are in fix mode. This is something to watch out for, and it’s not surprising to see the index catch up with the fix.

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The watchlist and game plan are as follows:

QS is monitoring 20MA for oversold bounce.
Break out in the GP Watching 30 area.
LAZR is immediately monitoring the breakout of this triangle.
MP 20 MA support, 8 EMA resistant. Check in which direction this breaks.
Based on JMIA 20MA support. Do a type setup or die. Keep an eye on it.
IPOC Watching for Rapid Transactions 17 / 17.20.
Watch oversold bounces in RMO SPAC play. Ideally red to green.
XL24.80 bounce continuation clock.
THCB 20MA bounce continuous clock.

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Trading Watch List 01.04.2021 | Wall Street Bull Trading Watch List 01.04.2021 | Wall Street Bull

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