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Trading Watch List 11-24-2021 | Wall Street Bull

Limited leadership and narrow breadth have finally caught up with the index. QQQ faded at the top of the range but was able to maintain the first tap 20MA. A short line in the sand for now. 380 If you break the next support.

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See watchlist and game plan.

AFRM Inside Bounce Day. Looking from red to green for pop.
GOEV is holding up. Looking at the 11.80 area.
LCID is enough to withstand at 8EMA. Keep an eye on it.
ASAN Holding Support and 100. Check if this can hold 100 against bounce.
ALF Maybe red to green pop.
EPIX Watching 14 if volume comes in.
RBLX Ideally, another pull to 110 is suitable for bounce.

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Trading Watch List 11-24-2021 | Wall Street Bull Trading Watch List 11-24-2021 | Wall Street Bull

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