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Trading Watch List 12-01-2021 | Wall Street Bull

Unstable behavior in the market, with a broken small cap index, limited breadth, and background Covid news. Great action for active traders who go from red to green and back from green to red. Watchlist names LCID, AMD, MTTR, GOEV made a decent deal. QQQ, for a low break on Friday, 380 is possible. On the contrary, a large resistance of 400.

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See watchlist and game plan.

When an MP47 breakout alert occurs.
LCID is an active trader working from red to green. If the market is maintained, the chart will still look great.
RIVN curling up. Looking back over 122 areas.
AMD holds eight EMAs. If the market continues to be weak, we may visit 20MA.
NVDA holds 8 EMAs. If it cracks, make sure the gap is filled immediately.
BLNK bounce 200MA. Looking back over 39.50.
Looking back over 66.70 for GLBE pop.
We are monitoring FSR 22.50 and above.

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Trading Watch List 12-01-2021 | Wall Street Bull Trading Watch List 12-01-2021 | Wall Street Bull

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