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TrailerLock holds a universal key to the security of refrigerator trailers and marine containers

Increased security risk as more than 1 million unaccompanied trailers

According to a report from the Ministry of Transport on February 18thth, 2021, recent trends in road freight have been influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom. In 2020, road goods vehicles traveled 3.2 million times from the UK to Europe, down 6% from the previous year.

However, of the 3.2 million cases, the report emphasizes that unaccompanied trailer traffic has exceeded 1 million, significantly increasing to 42% in the Netherlands and 28% in Ireland. As a result, the risk of theft and storage in unsafe trailers has increased.

TrailerLock has introduced a new universal key for refrigerator trailers and container door locks to help operators address this issue. This means that all drivers can access any trailer using a common key. All the operator needs to do is keep the key secret under the trailer (and advise the forwarding party to do so) or mail the key in advance. Or do both to double check.

Made of sturdy steel, FridgeLock is easy to operate and resistant to bolt croppers and crowbars. It is expandable and fits most types of surface mount door furniture, especially temperature controlled trailers and containers.

The barrel lock, protected by a coated steel cap, requires only half a turn to open the two sections of the device. Then adjust the length and secure it to each of the vertical door rods.

FridgeLock not only protects the vehicle load itself, but also protects drivers and continental operators by reducing the potential for border force penalties that can reach tens of thousands of pounds.

Locks are also ideal for domestic traffic, especially if the vehicle is parked overnight.

Currently, “civil punishment for secret participants” is £ 4,000 per illegal participant, with drivers paying £ 2,000 and carriers paying £ 2,000. If these penalties are not paid, the vehicle may be seized and held until payment is made. If no penalty is paid, the vehicle can be destroyed.

Simon Clarke of Smith Bowyer Clarke, a road transport lawyer, further explains: In some cases, having to pay these fines means that the company is going out of business. We are accustomed to dealing with penalties ranging from £ 20,000 to £ 40,000. The carrier has closed a case in which he was penalized £ 68,000, but the appeal reduced it to £ 20,000. “

According to continental operator Tarrant International, FridgeLock has proven to be effective and easy to use in temperature-controlled vehicles.

“It’s quick, strong, and uncomplicated,” says Fergal Tarant. “I’m using other locks as well, but this works.”

Regarding the potential danger of trailer intrusion, Simon Clarke adds: But every year thousands of illegal immigrants are hiding in trucks heading to the UK. Border forces are fined, even though drivers and carriers admit that they are unaware that illegal immigrants are in trucks. One of the best ways to prevent this is to secure the trailer door with a sturdy lock that cannot be disarmed. “

TrailerLock holds a universal key to the security of refrigerator trailers and marine containers TrailerLock holds a universal key to the security of refrigerator trailers and marine containers

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