Trailers around the world make a big difference from the original novel in 80 days

The new 80-day round-the-world trailer makes fun of David Tennant’s humorous turn in the role of the unlikely adventurer Phileas Fogg.

A new trailer for the next historical drama 80 days worldwide Reveals the unlikely adventurer Phileas Fogg of David Tennant.Best known for his role as BBC Tenth Doctor Doctor WhoAn extensive resume of the highly beloved Scottish actor has seen him perform in a range of eclectic roles from the devil Crowley. Good Omens, Jessica Jones’ malicious Killgrave, and even Ducktail’ Scrooge McDuck. In 2019, the BBC announced that Tenants will play a leading role in Phileas Fogg in the adaptation of Jules Verne’s classic 1873 novel new television series.

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Roughly based on 19 actual tripsNS The story of William Perry Fogg, an American writer of the century 80 days worldwide You can go around the world in 80 days, centered on bets made by tenant characters with the exaggerated members of the influential remodeling club. Fogg’s character, which previously adapted to the screen many times over the years, was previously portrayed by Pierce Brosnan, Steve Coogan, David Niven and others. Participating in the tenants in this latest adaptation is French actor Ibrahim Koma as Fog’s servant Passepartout. crown’NS Leonie Benesch as journalist Abigail Fix.

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Prior to the series US debut PBS masterpiece Next January, a new trailer will give fans a closer look at the tenant’s turn as an unlikely adventurer. Tenant’s latest role in promising an exciting and humorous journey seems to be another highly regarded performance for actors who already boast many awards and admirations. Check out the full trailer below:

One of the things that fans of Verne’s original story pay attention to is the change to the role of Inspector Fix. In the original book and many of its long-standing adaptations, Fog mistakenly suspected that he had robbed the Bank of England, and his journey by a fixed inspector eager to see him eventually return to the land of England where he could be arrested. Is being pursued in. In this latest adaptation, it seems that the role has been changed to Abigail Fix, an aspiring journalist in Venesh, instead. He joins Fog to get the opportunity to report on the story.Of course, this wasn’t the first adaptation that gave freedom to the source material, but the 2004 movie adaptation starred. Jackie Chan As Passepartout deviates significantly from Verne’s original plot for comedy purposes.

Aside from the source material and inspector fix character changes, this new trailer seems to promise a spectacular journey to tickle the funny bones of the audience. Well known for his own comedy skills, Tenant’s turn as Verne’s hero Phileas Fogg Undoubtedly, his unique stamp is attached to a role that has been played by many famous actors over the years.The tenant’s huge fan base is out of breath and waiting 80 days worldwide Debut on January 2nd.

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Trailers around the world make a big difference from the original novel in 80 days

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