Translation Technology: Use these tools to improve your work productivity

If you are considering a translation task, there are many online tools that professional translators can choose from. The problem is not in the lack of software availability, but in finding the best available tools to meet your specific needs. You can also find some great free tools for translation freelancers. Here we are looking for tools to improve productivity and quality. Here are some tools that can help you efficiently create good translations without breaking your bank account.

1.1. Xbench

All translators are afraid of misspellings, typos, and inconsistencies. They are difficult to find and can be time consuming. One of the best open source quality assurance (QA) tools for this purpose is Xbench. You can change the settings as needed and create a report where you can edit your work until it is complete. This saves you the time of manually identifying all errors and greatly improves quality. This software makes it easy to connect to CAT tools if needed. For example, you can upload a multilingual file from Trados Studio. The tool can also read translation memories and access several versions of the original text.

2.2. TermWiki Toolbar

For all translators, the use of dictionaries and glossaries is like a second property. However, it can slow down while the project is running. You can use the TermWiki toolbar to search different terms in over 150 industries and up to 90 languages ​​directly from your browser. That means you translate correctly without compromising your speed. You can find different terms with just a few clicks, or even use your own. The alternatives provided for browsing terms are very useful as they take you directly to the tool’s complete term list. This is free software, so make sure translators are an invaluable tool for managing glossaries and terminology.

3.3. Interpret Cloud

InterpretCloud provides a high quality and reliable interpretation for meetings and events. It allows you to make your event multilingual both online and on the website. It’s an HD-quality tool that works seamlessly in real time and integrates with online events and meetings. This tool is very easy to use and you can use the simultaneous interpretation tool for both online and onsite activities. Translators can connect to the platform remotely from anywhere in the world to provide the highest quality translations. The remote interpreter feature is not only able to provide translations, but it is also secure.

4.4. SmartCat

SmartCat is one of the best browser-based online tools for language translators. This tool is especially useful for linguists who need to work in teams because it allows them to collaborate. Any member of the team can use this tool to open and edit projects and divide different tasks. This is an all-in-one type of solution designed to save you effort because you don’t have to switch tools to complete different stages of translation. You can also load the glossary and TM before translation, ask team members to edit it, and use the QA check feature to ensure the best quality. You can also find a marketplace where you can find clients.

5.5. TMXEditor

This is a desktop application designed to edit translation memories from .tmx format. With this online application, you can go ahead and edit the content from all translation memories. You can also split or merge the file to remove duplicate fields. Apart from this, you can use this tool to work with all language combinations. You can import these .tmx files into regular CAT tools. This tool is perfect if you like to merge TMs of the same client or industry into a single large TM that can be opened to save time and effort during the project.

Just as the cannabis consulting industry continues to flourish, the need for translation services is increasing. As telecommuting is also widespread, all companies need to be informed about translation technology tools to keep their work styles up to date.


The translation process can be tedious as it covers a variety of topics that require extensive research and contextual knowledge. Fortunately, the digital revolution has created a number of tools, resources, and software that can help ease the burden of translation to improve consistency, efficiency, and quality.

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Translation Technology: Use these tools to improve work productivity

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