Treasure Hunt begins at Roblox’s ReadyPlayer Two event

Two years ago, Gunters of Roblox discovered the legendary lost Dominus Venari at an event inspired by the blockbuster film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s world-famous best-selling novel. Ready player one..When Ready player one Currently on the bookshelf, Gunters is calling back for an even bigger and spectacular treasure hunt that spans seven games and awards thousands of winners with cool prizes.

You and your fellow Gunters need to follow the clues to discover which seven games are part of your journey. Each will unearth quests, overcome obstacles and earn unique relics. A valuable addition to your avatar inventory. Find them all and return to the event hub to win even bigger prizes.

All successful participants will earn a sophisticated and stylish megashade. The first 777 players to complete their journey will also earn the coveted MetaPhone. And for the most elite 77, the legendary Metastar, one of the most exclusive items in Roblox’s history, awaits.

Step 1 is to access the event hub here, which has already been discovered by sharp-eyed detectives and gunters, and check the Q & A in between. Ready player one Authors Ernest Cline and Dave Bashkki (aka Builderman).Just visit to unlock your free virtual lock Ready player one T-shirts and books to wear on your avatar!

Good luck everyone! May the best gunter win.

Ready Player Two is now available for purchase at

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The Treasure Hunt Begins in Roblox’s Ready Player Two Event

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