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Only this time it was unintentional.

“So, the first inning, my right eye didn’t like to focus really well for some reason,” said the 2020 National League Cy Young Award winner after the start of Thursday. 4-4 tie Against the Mariners. “I did some CO2 exhalation and put it back in. I don’t know if it’s lighting or what, but I felt like my head was swimming.”

Bauer threw 26 balls at a time, including 11 strikes. He beat the dough and walked three times. The Dodgers loaded the bass, raised the Mariners 1-0 and rolled over the innings. The pitcher said his delivery in the first frame didn’t work because he was trying to throw too hard to start the game. He added that his legs were tired from the sprint on Wednesday.

“It’s part of spring training and it’s about getting your body ready,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter at all,” Bauer said. “It happened to me before. It’s never happened in spring training, but it doesn’t matter at all.”

The right-handed player was charged with a pair of two hits, including Jake Fraley’s ground rule double-to-center field. He was more efficient in the last two innings of his job. In total, he was charged with three hits and one run for a 31/3 inning job. He went out on 65 pitches, walked four batters and recorded four strikeouts.

“I’m not so worried because it’s spring training, but I’m glad I could lock it later. [the first inning] Then we’re back in the ditch, “said Bauer. “It was a bit volatile twice, but by the third and fourth times I locked in pretty tightly, felt like I had better command and game feel, and it was like riding a roll. So I’m certainly happy with that part. “

Overall, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was happy with the starter’s outing. He was happy to see Bauer go up and down four times, increasing the number of pitches and building stamina.

“Tonight he couldn’t find his rhythm or his delivery wasn’t consistently synchronized,” Roberts said. “But he knows what he is doing there.”

Mixed Santana
Relief Dennis Santana We are making a strong pitch in the spot of the list on the first day.

“I worked hard during the off-season. I spent a lot of time in the gym and ate a lot,” Santana said in Spanish. “I hope this year will be a year where I can show what I have.”

So far this spring, Santana has allowed one hit in four innings, showing a fastball hovering in the 95-97 mph range.Right-handed people can make a roster, especially as a multi-inning relief Brusdar Graterol And Joe Kelly It is still being repaired.His biggest competition for bullpen spots is non-list invitees Jimmy Nelson..

Here’s why Santana remains a viable option: Last season, he threw more than one inning in seven of his twelve Dodgers appearances. Overall, he went 1-2 in the 5.29 ERA and in 2020 he made 18 strikeouts and 7 walks in 17 innings. He still has one option and gives the club the flexibility of the roster if he chooses to go in the other direction.

“My main goal is to keep a roster of the opening round and stay in the big league for years,” he said.

Santana, who spent the off-season in Arizona, estimates that spending most of her time in the gym gained 15 pounds during the winter. He supplemented his diet with a lot of Dominican dishes and Mexican favorites like Bilia Tacos. His arms feel strong and he is more confident than ever.

“I’m more mature. I know what to do,” Santana said. “Good feeling. I believe in myself.”

Changes in underage Roberts
Different levels of minor leagues have different experimental goals aimed at creating more balls in base pass play and action, improving the pace and length of the game, and reducing player injuries. It will be a place to test the play rules. Major League Baseball Announced Thursday..

Among the changes is the requirement that all four infielders have cleats within the outer boundaries of the infield soil when the pitch is delivered. The goal of defensive position restrictions is to increase the batting average of the ball during play.

“I like that method [MLB is] If you want to implement Major League Baseball, we’ll be proactive and try to do it as soon as possible to see how it works, “says Roberts. “I think we’ll have more information at the end of the Double A season. And when it comes to my thoughts on shifts or no shifts, I really don’t like it. I really don’t. Implemented Whatever you have, I’m everything. “

Dodgers Led a major league There are 1,209 shifts with 2,167 at-bats. Roberts reiterated that he was all “the game’s greatest concern.”

“Within these parameters, we will do everything we can to gain a competitive advantage within the rules,” said the manager. “I think we will shift more aggressively than anyone else and convert the ball in play to out.”

•catcher Keibert RuizAccording to Roberts, he was late for camp due to visa issues, but will play in his first match in the spring on Friday and Saturday.

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Trevor Bauer about eye problems Trevor Bauer about eye problems

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