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Athletics closer after opening the season to the injured list due to shoulder problems Trevor Rosenthal Manager Bob Melvin told reporters Wednesday that thoracic outlet surgery may be needed to deal with the injury (Twitter link Via Shayna Rubin of The Mercury News). This is a sudden and annoying development for A’s struggling club.The procedure involves a “at least” 12-week recovery period, San Francisco Chronicle Matt Kawahara Tweet.. A right-handed person is considering his options and is expected to make a decision in the near future.

The 30-year-old Rosenthal spent much of the off-season seeking a lucrative multi-year deal after showing an absolutely dominant performance between the Royals and Padres last season. But when he couldn’t find a long-term contract that suits his taste, the intense thrower was one at a powerful $ 11 million rate to act as a pitcher-friendly O.Co closer. I chose a yearly contract. Coliseum.

It was a surprising investment for A’s club, who spent most of the winter on the sidelines, as teams throughout the league screened the free agent market. Only after A was able to shed the notable part of Chris Davis‘The deal was a one-year promise that they entered the waters of free agents, and yet their initial spending was modest. Yasumeiro Petit, Sergio Romo And Mitch Moreland.. Rosenthal is a completely different type of spending, and it is now an open question whether or not it will actually benefit from what was a big splash by their standards.

Thoracic outlet syndrome is the latest in a series of setbacks in Rosenthal. Rosenthal entered the league as one of the most dominant young rescuers in the game with the Cardinals, but has been struggling to stay healthy ever since. Tommy John’s surgery wiped out Rosenthal’s entire 2018 season, and when he returned to the Nationals in 2019, he developed a sudden case of Yips. Rosenthal walked 26 of the 85 batters he faced between Washington and Detroit that season. He also hit four more batters and ended nine wild pitches in just 151/3 innings. He tried to find himself at the Yankees’ Triple A club, but faced only five batters in Scranton, issued three walks, hit a fourth batter, and threw another wild pitch. It was.

These immense struggles further marked the 2020 resurrection of Rosenthal. Not only did he rediscover the success of some big leagues, he emerged as one of the most dominant rescuers of all of baseball. Through the 23 2/3 innings between Kansas City and San Diego, Rosenthal recorded 1.90 ERA, a 41.8% strikeout rate, an 8.8% strong walk rate, and an average fastball of 98.1 mph. It was a vintage Rosenthal.

From here, the future is sadly muddy again. Pitchers returning from thoracic outlet surgery are generally poorly tracked, and few pitchers have undergone both Tommy John and TOS surgery in such close proximity. Matt Harvey Is the most prominent example of a pitcher who missed the 2014 season for Tommy John and received a TOS in the middle of a 2016 campaign, doing both operations in a short amount of time. Apparently, he was unable to rediscover the dominant form he exhibited early in his career.

There is certainly a success story among pitchers who have had surgery to correct thoracic outlet syndrome.Recently retired Lighty and current Rangers general manager Chris Young Former Cardinals teammate of Rosenthal acknowledged this procedure by saving his career Jaime GarcíaAfter returning from his own TOS operation, he enjoyed a productive three-year stretch.

For athletics, Rosenthal’s new developments allow Romo, Petit, Jake Diekman In the second half of the inning.right handed Lou Trivino And JB Wendelken It has also been successful in the big league. Wendelken, in particular, was quietly dominant dating back to 2018. A also has a previous top 10 overall pick, left-handed AJ packAs an intriguing option for this year’s pen, he seems to put the pain of his own injuries in the rearview mirror.

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Trevor Rosenthal may require thoracic outlet surgery Trevor Rosenthal may require thoracic outlet surgery

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