Triple Eight has plans to replace the record-breaking wincup of supercars.Supercar news – Motorsports

Roland Dane says Triple Eight has plans to replace record-breaking supercar driver Jamie Wincup in 2022, but also warns that plans could easily change over the next year. I will.

Wincup will end his 20-year supercar driving career with a record 122 wins and seven titles at the end of the current campaign on behalf of Dane as the T8 team principal.

This will open a full-time driving spot for the power plant team for the first time since Schoen Wangisbergen was signed in 2016 as part of a temporary move of three cars with Wincup and Claygrounds.

The wincup transition is a long-standing plan by both the team and the driver, and Dane says there is a simultaneous plan in terms of who will replace the wincup in the # 88 entry.

But for now he has his card near his chest.

“I always have a plan,” Dane said. “But there are two sides to it. One is a plan that I don’t need to share right now. The second is a flexible plan.

“I can honestly say that we haven’t made a decision. But I haven’t been as popular in the last few hours. People say their deal doesn’t really mean anything. Telling me

“This year we will carefully consider our plans and follow them by checking the same boxes that we have tried to check in the past to help our team be as successful as possible.

“That’s our main motivation at all levels. It’s an ongoing situation, so we can’t open it anymore at this point, but we can say that nothing is trapped.”

According to Dane, established front runners are not the only ones on the list of potential candidates.

He says part of the flexible plan is to monitor what’s happening abroad, but an unproven young driver (of the Wincup when signed by T8 at the end of 2005). Like) is not out of the question.

This will allow T8 Super2 drivers Broc Feeney and Angelo Mouzouris to participate in the conversation.

“We will see what is happening internationally,” Dane said.

“Unfortunately, the borders aren’t as open as we want, but I’ve always thought that Australia and New Zealand aren’t dedicated to providing good supercar drivers.

“It’s also the attraction of young talent, as Jamie returned to the time. Just because we’re a bigger team than 2006 and we have a big track record now means we need to get someone involved. Not a team that is already a champion or race winner.

“We may choose to do so, but we don’t have to.”

Wincup, on the other hand, will play an active role in appointing his successor.

“It’s a big decision for the team,” Wincup said.

“In my expertise, I think I know a good driver when I see it. I will certainly return that feedback to [Dane] And the rest of the board I think will be the perfect person to drive a # 88 car.

“In the meantime, I’m trying to make sure that the # 88 car is the most attractive car to drive for any driver. [the end] This year’s.

“We plan to handle it in the next 3-6 months.”

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Triple Eight has plans to replace the record-breaking wincup of supercars.Supercar news Triple Eight has plans to replace the record-breaking wincup of supercars.Supercar news

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