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The latest supercar team on the grid The battle for time is currently underway for the rookie season, and many important positions such as team managers, engineers and mechanics have not yet been filled.

As part of the pre-season negotiations, new team owner Peter Xiberras is trying to complete the team’s customer relationship with Triple Eight.

Like its predecessor, Team Sydney, Premier Air Racing will continue to use the ZB Commodores built on the T8.

The team’s two cars are currently undergoing a triple-eight key upgrade and, according to Xiberras, will have current specifications, much like the Red Bull-backed “factory” cars.

PremiAir also has access to T8 data throughout the season, but the car may even run out of T8’s Brisbane workshop in the short term.

Currently, it will be prepared by the T8 for pre-season testing at the Queensland Raceway on February 16th.

After that, you may return to T8 to get ready. Season opening at Sydney Motorsports Park March 4-6..

What happens after that has not yet been formalized. There was speculation that PremiAir cars might run out of T8 all year round, but it now seems like a good result to move to a dedicated factory in Brisbane.

Initially, Xiberras traveled between Melbourne and Brisbane as a potential base, but Brisbane says it won because the team is affiliated with the T8.

“What we know at this point is that we will be a Brisbane-based team,” he told

“It’s a combination of reasons such as staff availability and closeness to Triple Eight, and it seems that more people have experience with Triple Eight in Brisbane than in Melbourne.

“Given that you’re driving a triple-eight car and you have triple-eight data, it’s important to have people with that experience.”

Chris Pisser and Gary Jacobson drive a premier air racing car..

PremiAir’s Brisbane move restores the East Coast team split to four in Queensland, one in New South Wales and six in Melbourne.

PremiAir and T8 will be joined by Dick Johnson Racing and Mattstone Racing from Queensland, and Brad Jones Racing will be located in Albury, New South Wales on the Victoria border, Walkinshaw Andretti United, Tickford Racing, Erebus Motorsport, Team 18. , Globe Racing, Blanchard Racing Team is in Victoria.

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Triple Eight to prepare a PremiAir car Triple Eight to prepare a PremiAir car

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