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Bianca Belair was one of the participants heading for the Women’s Royal Rumble Match. Fans have long sought to give WWE the right push, as she is arguably one of WWE’s most talented female inling superstars.

Bianca Belair made it to the Royal Rumble in 3rd place and performed best in her career in the Royal Rumble match. The last four participants in the match were Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair and Natalya.

Natalia was eliminated by Bianca Belair, after which Berea and Ripley together eliminated Charlotte Flair. It depended on only two of them.

When everything was said and over, Bianca Belair was the one who abandoned Rhea Ripley and won the 2021 women’s royal rumble match. This marked her first Royal Rumble victory, and she was certainly ecstatic about her massive victory.

Some fans and superstars were equally pleased with Berea’s victory. Perhaps no one was as happy as Triple H, who always believed in her.

Triple H I took you to Twitter And after his monumental victory, I uploaded some photos of him congratulating Bianca Belair. This is what he said:

Proud … I don’t even start explaining the feelings I was seeing @BiancaBelairWWE..From the day she entered #WWEPC,all #NXTTakeOver, #RoyalRumble, And next #WrestleMania… There is no limit to how bright her star can shine !!!

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Triple H appears at Royal Rumble Surprise Triple H appears at Royal Rumble Surprise

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