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Every year, this year’s Royal Rumble will see many memorable moments and amazing returns from WWE Superstars. Fans certainly can’t wait to see which ex-WWE superstars make a shocking comeback during a male and female royal rumble match.

However, current WWE Superstars may have ruined the surprise return from the WWE Hall of Fame. WWE Superstar Natalia recently featured her Instagram story and uploaded her photo with Trish Stratus. There, they were hanging out behind the scenes of some sort.

She also tagged it as WWE Hall of Fame and captioned “I can’t wait for this Sunday.” Natalia quickly removed the story from her Instagram account, but many fans can already see it and speculate if Stratus will come back.

Therefore, Natalia seems to have ruined Trish Stratus and made a surprise return at the Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

Earlier this week, Trish Stratus also announced the Royal Rumble. She made fun of getting to know some of the exciting news that made Royal Rumble Week.

Oh, God! There is exciting news! This is the week of #RoyalRumble! stand by!


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Trish Stratus Royal Rumble Spoiler Leak Trish Stratus Royal Rumble Spoiler Leak

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