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Troy Aikman’s unruly anecdote of Keren Moore’s return to Dallas in 2021 created a new Cowboys conspiracy theory.

Dallas dramas are the best kind of drama, whether it’s a TV show or a football franchise.

Despite the embarrassingly bad season, the Cowboys were still in a position to win the NFC East in the 17th week. However, although the season wasn’t officially lost, Jerry Jones’ proud mouth should retain a sour taste all year round. It could be an off-season conversation about what needs to be changed.

So what is your deal with the head coach?

Mike McCarthy’s first year was a fiery disaster, and questions about his employment security have been circulating since the first half of the season. Cowboys fans got a new coaching conspiracy theory after a small nugget that Troy Aikman dropped during the Cowboys Week 17 broadcast. I hope that McCarthyism will disappear.

Is Keren Moore the head coach waiting for the Dallas Cowboys?

While talking about the Cowboys attack, Akeman cast an anecdote about recent rumors that he would accept the work of Keren Moore and the head coach of Boise State University.

“I heard he was offered a job and accepted the job, so I think there was a lot of talk about what kept him in Dallas.”

I knew that Moore was offered a job at Boise State University, but there was no official confirmation that he had accepted it. What many have removed from this is that Moore received an offer from Jerry Jones, which was too good, but provided an aggressive coordinator that caused him to quit the head coach gig. Can you do it?

You do math.

Jones doesn’t fire his coach a year later, but he’s not tolerant of those who aren’t loyal. Mike McCarthy falls into the category of guys Jones has no loyalty to. So this terrible season will be much harder than if anyone else (see Jason Garrett).

Moore, the waiting head coach, makes sense at multiple levels. He is one of Jerry’s guys and puts him in the line of loyalty. He is also a young offensive coach in the league where such types of innovators are changing the game. The Cowboys attack is significantly better when Moore is calling the play, and Dak Prescott is also significantly better. If Jones intends to pay Duck the amount he should pay, it is a healthy business decision to have a responsible person who can really derive the value of his money from him.

I don’t know what Jerry offered Moore, but it’s not difficult to connect the dots. It’s a conspiracy theory that at least gives Cowboys fans something of hope after such a terrible season.

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Troy Aikman has a juicy Cowboys conspiracy theory about Keren Moore Troy Aikman has a juicy Cowboys conspiracy theory about Keren Moore

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