Troy Baker and Fall Guys Developer Raises Funds for British Mental Health Charity

Alex Calvin, Wednesday, December 16, 2020 16:18 GMT

Various organizations are benefiting from this stream.

Voice actor Troy Baker and Mediatonic – Studio behind the blockbuster Fall Guys – Raising funds for a UK mental health charity later this week via Live Stream.

This is a collaboration with the UK video game industry group Ukie, which will be streamed on Friday, December 18th, between 4pm and 6pm in the UK, “Campaign Against Miserable Life (CALM)”, “Head to”. Funds for “Toe” and “Safe in Our World” will be raised. You can see it here.

One of the names that appears in the stream is Baker, best known for Joel’s voice in The Last of Us. Meanwhile, RKG’s game media personality Gav Murphy and BBC’s Elle Osili-Wood are also participating.

“Games play a very powerful role in improving mental health around the world,” Baker said.

“I think this stream will be a lot of fun. Our goal is not only to raise a lot of money, but to raise awareness of the activities that mental health charities are doing around the world together. We can make a lot of changes in our lives. “

This stream is part of the Play and Talk initiative in the UK gaming industry, which is trying to help people overcome loneliness. Ukie launched this push during the National Loneliness Awareness Week in June of this year and may have been inspired by the fact that it was a particularly cruel year for many.

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Troy Baker and Fall Guys devs raising money for UK mental health charities

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