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This series was now the destination of the traditional pre-European season for Open Wheeler drivers. Initially granted permission to use quarantine facilities to bring competitors from abroad to New Zealand Prior to the 2021 season.

However, the permit is currently being revoked due to the New Zealand government’s ability to arrive internationally.

As a result, there are no overseas drivers for TRS. Shortened seasonThe New Zealand Grand Prix kicks off later this month.

“After working together [the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment] And Sport NZ are disappointed that they cannot compete with international drivers in NZ due to lack of space. [Managed Isolation and Quarantine] Facility “. Andrew Davis, Toyota’s General Manager of Motorsports in New Zealand, said.

“I’m disappointed that this is the final result, especially as several international drivers lined up and were ready to come and worked hard to get approved status.

“I’ve seen a lot of TRS drivers in F1, including international and New Zealand drivers, and I’ve done my best to keep this going this season.

“The implication of this series is that talented young New Zealand drivers cannot compete with similar levels of international drivers. The economic impact of international drivers coming to New Zealand is me. It has a great impact on the local area where we race.

“But we are excited about this series. This year there is definitely an important list of established kiwi racers where many great up-and-coming kiwi talents compete and strengthen the field.

“The 66th Grand Prix will be special in many ways, especially because more top-line New Zealand drivers are on display in one race than we’ve spent a significant amount of time in New Zealand. I’m happy to be part of it. Everyone involved has decided to have a great show. “

The NZGP field has something like Supercar Legend and Former Race Winner Greg Murphy And Rule over Bathurst 1000 champion Schoen Wangisbergen..

The latter has fallen to the right of border regulation changes, and Vangisbergen was only able to participate thanks to the travel bubble currently between Queensland and New Zealand.

Kiwi racing hero Kenny Smith will also be on the grid at his 50th NZGP start..

The NZGP will be held at Hampton Downs from January 24th to 26th.

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TRS loses immigration exemption TRS loses immigration exemption

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