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Truck and car peak bodies team up with safe driving re-draft call

ATA and AAA are seeking goals for their national road safety strategy

The image used by AAA emphasizes the lack of performance indicators

Due to lack of clear goals and other deficiencies, the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) and the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) are jointly promoting the re-creation of the National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS) for 2021-30. ..

And at the heart of their criticism is what is called the “serious lack of government accountability.”

The two organizations have expressed concern that the proposed strategy does not take into account the failures of the last decade, when independent investigations were found to be primarily due to the lack of federal leadership and road safety oversight.

“The submission of AAA and ATA in response to the draft NRSS highlighted the inadequacy of the proposed strategy and provided a strong example of the need to rewrite it,” says ATACEO Andrew McKellar.

“NRSS must be supported by measurable goals and must clearly identify who will be held liable to ensure that the goals are being achieved.

“Each item must also have a specified sub-target, which makes it clear what needs to be done and how exactly these targets are achieved.”

They believe the proposed strategy “has risked canceling a good job in the federal budget last year and seemed to ignore important recommendations from a wide range of relevant government and parliamentary investigations.”

“Last year, the Commonwealth made great strides in tying up safety funds to the state, which was the first step needed to ensure that the state government fulfilled its safety-related obligations,” he said. Michael Bradley, Managing Director of AAA, said.

“Now is not the time to slow down that progress.

“It is also concerned that the proposed strategy does not propose to use national highway tolls as a measure of its progress or success and does not include other agreed performance indicators.

“If the government approves a 2021-30 strategy that includes the same shortcomings as its predecessor, don’t be surprised if Australians fail to achieve the desired reductions in mortality and injury rates.”

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AAA and ATA clearly stated that the draft NRSS had significant weaknesses, but said it was important to continue the review and development process.

“While congratulating the government for establishing the Road Safety Authority and recognizing the leadership role they must fulfill, the next NRSS has clear goals, clear responsibilities, clear actions and clear penalties. It’s more important than ever to seize the opportunity to guarantee that, for jurisdictions that don’t draw their weight, ”says Bradley.

The ATA submission requires some additional steps that the government will adopt in the NRSS. This includes the need for speed control and post-collision care measures, as well as enhanced driver licenses and training for both large and small vehicle drivers.

“A stronger and more comprehensive truck driver’s license and training will bring safer roads, safer people, and safer companies,” says McKeller.

“Training novice car drivers on how to safely share roads with trucks plays an important role in improving driver behavior and reducing the number of injuries and deaths on our roads. I will do it. “

Bradley and McKellar agree that serious action must be taken and the NRSS properly established to lay a strong foundation for Australia’s road safety future.

“The NRSS draft still has a long way to go to reach the goal of reducing casualties on the road. It’s important to work with the government and do it right over time,” they say. ..

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Truck and car peak bodies team up with safe driving re-draft call Truck and car peak bodies team up with safe driving re-draft call

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