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Truck parking information needs to be functional and accurate, ATRI’s research states.

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According to a recent white paper from the American Transportation Research Institute, standardization and accuracy are needed to effectively address truck parking capacity issues.

On June 14, ATRI released a survey that analyzed the perspectives of truck drivers regarding truck parking information systems. The survey reflects a survey of 1,103 truck drivers and cross-tabulates survey results from all sectors, age groups, and experience levels. It covers their views on how truck drivers are currently using the parking availability system and how truck parking information is distributed.

Among the survey respondents, the strongest recommendation for dealing with truck parking shortages was to increase parking capacity. However, due to zoning regulations and land costs, this option may not be available everywhere, ATRI said.

Approximately 32.8% of respondents said they use both the truck parking app and variable message signs as a way to find a parking lot.

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Transportation departments in several states have used technologies such as exit and entrance sensors to investigate truck parking initiatives. According to an ATRI study, there are differences between these state programs when it comes to how information is collected and distributed to truck drivers.

One of the unique challenges of parking available apps is the federal restrictions on the use of handheld mobile devices while driving. This usually means that the driver must already be parked somewhere in order to use these apps.

“Until we receive an infrastructure bill that dramatically increases capacity, the next best thing we have is a truck parking information system app,” ATRI Senior Vice President Dan Murray told Transport Topics. “One of the biggest messages this survey conveys is that there is a lot of complexity and confusion. There are about six apps available. Many drivers use a lot for all of them at the same time. This kind of turmoil will greatly help keep people away, rather than directing them to these systems. “

According to research, smartphone-based parking apps have been a more popular option for long-distance truck drivers. We also report that 68.7% of drivers under the age of 45 use these apps. It’s unclear whether this number suggests that older drivers are familiar with routes that already know where to park, or that younger drivers are more technically familiar. ..

Respondents said accuracy is an important factor for parking space monitoring systems. According to the survey, 53.1% of respondents reported that they did not take action based on the information provided on the road information board. According to ATRI documents, drivers who are not taking action from the information displayed on these signs appear to be due to concerns about the accuracy and freshness of that information.

ATRI Senior Vice President Dan Murray


In this study, an automatic push notification system was identified as a technical solution. This system minimizes driver distraction and avoids conflict with federal smartphone usage restrictions.

“It’s kind of good for everyone,” Murray said. “The driver is not distracted and gets real-time information. You know what you need to know without the driver actively searching for information.”

The lack of available truck parking is an urgent issue for the truck industry and is ranked third in ATRI’s industry-leading problem report. ATRI’s Research Advisory Board conceptualized this study based on the recognition that many truck parking information systems developed by public sector agencies are often based on a variety of technologies and information distribution channels. did.

The next outreach phase described in the ATRI survey is a nationally standardized truck parking information framework in collaboration with the Truck Stop Association Natso, the State Transport and Parliamentary Sector, Truck Driver Groups, and Technology Vendors. Is to implement.

“We hope that this new study of driver issues and preferences for truck parking information systems will be the first step in developing a national driver-centric system built on clear standards and approaches. “We do,” said Bill Hambrick, a professional driver and captain at Werner Enterprises. American Road Team of American Trucking Associations.

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Truck parking information needs to be functional and accurate, ATRI’s research states. Truck parking information needs to be functional and accurate, ATRI’s research states.

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