Truck Simulator is now 75% off (both)

If you catch a recent announcement American truck simulator from now on Montana DLC And now I want to go down the trail on a Far Cry 5-style highway or an ancient truck, but I don’t own the game yet. I was lucky.Driving a heavy truck Simulation game (Hey, look-I’m British, right?) It’s currently sold at a quarter of the regular price, just like our European sister Sim.

Both track sim games are currently discounted as part Steam autumn sale, Will run until December 1st.both American truck simulator When Euro Truck Simulator 2 It’s currently 75% off, and at the time of this story, it’s £ 3.74 / $ 4.99 respectively on Valve’s platform. If you want to get some of the DLC packs cheaper along with the base game, we’ve also knocked out some bundles.

ATS includes Pacific Northwest bundle with 74% off Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Forest Machinery, Classic Stripe Paint Job Pack, and 81 New Mexico, Heavy Cargo, Steering Creation, and Wheel Tuning DLC. There is another enchantment bundle. % Off.

ETS 2, on the other hand, has an Essentials bundle with a 76% discount. This is Sim’s Going East! Includes Scandinavia, High Power Cargo, Cabin Accessories and Wheel Tuning Packs. Huh. If you want the flavor of what the game brings, here’s a teaser trailer for the latest update to ETS2.

There is also a free demo for each. If you want to rotate it first, you can find it on each store page.There is no release date for Montana DLC yet, but you can look at it. This page on Steam In anticipation if you like.

For the full set of Steam’s fall offerings, you can find platform sales home page At that link. If you’re looking for something cheaper, here are some handy lists. Best free PC games When Free MMO and MMORPG, that too.

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