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Trump avoids government closure by signing Covid bailout bill

Donald Trump signed a bill to release $ 900 billion in coronavirus stimulus spending on Sunday night after previously blocking a deal he described as “humiliation” for days.

Mr. Trump’s decision to approve the bill avoided a government closure set to begin after midnight on Monday.

However, Mr. Trump said in a statement that he had signed the bill “with a strong message to Congress that it was necessary to get rid of wasted goods.”

“I will send the itemized redline version back to Congress, with a formal revocation request to Congress claiming to remove these funds from the bill.”

Mr. Trump reiterated his request that Congress increase direct payment checks sent to Americans from $ 600. Up to $ 2,000 per individual..

Mr. Trump said the Republican-controlled Senate “started the voting process to increase checks to $ 2,000,” abolished Section 230 of the Correspondence Law, and “investigated fraudulent votes,” similar to the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. Insisted on starting. Section 230 It has long been the president’s target by immunizing social media companies for bohemian content.

Mr. Trump’s decision to sign the bill came after millions of Americans lost their unemployment benefits next weekend to the president. Rejection of signature A bipartisan package approved just before Christmas.

“We will increase payments to people and get rid of’pork’,” Mr. Trump tweeted early Sunday morning, citing the allocation of government funding to local pet projects.

Presidential election Joe Biden accused Mr. Trump over the weekend and urged him to sign what he said was an urgent need.

“It was the day after Christmas, and millions of families knew if they could make ends meet as President Donald Trump refused to sign an economic bailout bill approved by Congress with an overwhelming majority of bipartisans. “No,” Mr. Biden said in a statement. “This waiver of responsibility has devastating consequences.”

Mr Biden said he saw the bill as a “first step and down payment” for the country’s economic recovery. His administration “including meeting the urgent need for funding to distribute and administer vaccines and improve testing capacity at the beginning of the new year to revive the economy and contain the pandemic.” We need to take more action.

Earlier this month, the Brookings Institution estimated that approximately 10 million Americans would lose their unemployment benefits after the two federal unemployment programs ended on the night of December 26th.

A stimulus bill of about 5,600 pages passed by Congress last week allows Americans to claim unemployment assistance for 50 weeks, providing unemployed workers with an additional $ 300 a week. It also provides billions of dollars to struggling industries such as airlines to help tenants who are lagging behind in rent payments.

Congress will return to Washington earlier this week.The house managed by the Democratic Party Vote to increase The stimulus checks from $ 600 to $ 2,000, as the Democrats are asking and Mr. Trump is currently demanding. Despite the president’s latest statement, it is unclear how the Republican-controlled Senate will respond to Mr. Trump’s request.

Senate majority leader and Senate top Republican Mitch McConnell issued a statement praising Mr. Trump’s signing of the bill, but did not mention the increasing stimulus check.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who was with Trump on Christmas, tweeted on Friday that the president “decided more than ever to increase stimulus payments to $ 2000 per person,” “reasonable. “.

But Bernie Sanders, a Vermont-independent senator and one of the loudest senators on the $ 2,000 check, said Mr. Trump had to sign the first legislation in Congress first. It was.

“What the president is doing now is incredibly cruel. Millions of people are losing their extended unemployment benefits,” Sanders told ABC News on Sunday.

Pat Toomey, a Republican Senator in Pennsylvania, told Fox News: But the danger is that if he allows this to expire, he will be remembered for confusion and misery and unstable behavior. “

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Trump avoids government closure by signing Covid bailout bill Trump avoids government closure by signing Covid bailout bill

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